Live Recording for StudioLive Mixers (Mac / Windows)

Capture for iPad

Live Recording for iPad (iOS for iPad)

Fat Channel Collection

Fat Channel Collection, Volume 1


Music Composition & Performance Environment (Mac/Windows)

Notion Conducting

Interactive Conducting Education (Mac / Windows)

Notion for iOS

Music Notation (iOS)


Wireless Aux-Mix Control for StudioLive® Classic Mixers (iOS® for iPhone® / iPod® touch)


Wireless Aux-Mix Control for iOS® and Android

Studio One Remote

Wireless Remote Control for Studio One

StudioLive Remote

Wireless control for StudioLive® Classic Mixers (iOS® for iPad®)

UC Surface

Control for StudioLive® Series III Mixers and Quantum-series Audio Interfaces (Mac® / Windows® / iOS® for iPad®)

Virtual StudioLive

Control/Editor/Librarian for StudioLive® Classic Mixers (Mac® / Windows®)