StudioLive Series III continues to expand.

Thanks to AVB, our console and rack mixers connect via a single CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cable, giving you remote preamp control and phantom power of the rack unit from your Series III console. The rack mixers can serve as either network stage boxes or full blown monitor mixers—the choice is yours.

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Music is our life. PreSonus is our day job.

We live and work in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Cajun Country, USA. It's a rich jambalaya of jazz, blues, rock, zydeco, metal, folk, and Christian music that constantly fills each of our lives. We record in our bedroom studios, run the sound systems at our churches, and immerse ourselves in the rich local club scene.

Each morning we come to a wonderland disguised as our office building, complete with a custom-designed professional recording studio and first-rate live-sound room. There, we design, test, and experiment with ideas for new products—and we perform and make records because music really is our life.

Yes, PreSonus is “just” our day job. But it’s a very rewarding one.

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