Reviews Studio One 5 Professional review

“"Studio One 5 once again spoils with very good new features that make the workflow of the fastest DAW on the market even faster."”

Tobias Homburger,, July 2020 Studio One 5 Professional review

“"Absolute Empfehlung!"”

Martin Beurskens,, July 2020

Computer Music Studio One 5 Professional review

“"...mature, stable and an awesome update to an already superb DAW."”

Computer Music Staff, Computer Music, July 2020

Delamar Studio One 5 Professional review

“"nützliche neue Features, die den Workflow verbessern sowie Updates bekannter Funktionen, die Presonus Studio One 5 zu einer noch besseren DAW machen."”

Stefan Hoffmann, Delamar, July 2020

Audiofanzine Studio One 5 Professional review

“" quantités de nouvelles possibilités qui simplifieront grandement la vie au quotidien."”

Los Teignos, Audiofanzine, August 2020

Pro Tools Expert-Studio One Expert Studio One 5 Professional review

“"Studio One 5 not only cements its well-earned reputation but also offers even more reasons to consider it as the DAW of choice."”

Staff, Studio One Expert, August 2020

Synth & Software Studio One 5 Professional review

“"... has emerged as a formidable player on the short list of DAWs worthy of consideration by professionals and hobbyists alike."”

John McJunkin, Synth & Software, August 2020

Central Music Studio One 5 Professional review

““...likely to lead the future of DAW."”

Superman Shuo Shuo, Central Music, August 2020

Sound on Sound Studio One 5 Professional review

“"...there’s a huge amount to be pleased about. It’s a tremendous update."”

Robin Vincent, Sound on Sound, August 2020

SoundBytes Studio One 5 Professional review

“"My favorite DAW has become even better."”

Aleksander Arsov, SoundBytes, September 2020

Beat Studio One 5 Professional and PreSonus Sphere review

“Sphere might be the best way to become a Studio One user ... especially if you are on a budget.”

Staff, Beat, September 2020

Macworld Studio One 5 Professional review

“"If you can’t make music with the instruments, samples, and loops that ship with Studio One, find another line of work."”

Jon Jacobi, Macworld, October 2020

Resolution Studio One 5 Professional review

“...well designed, ergonomic, and easy to find your way around and customise.”

George Shilling, Resolution, September 2020

Projet Home Studio Studio One 5 Professional review (FR)

“Peu importe votre façon de travailler, Studio One devrait s’y adapter sans problème.”

Adrien Perinot, Projet Home Studio, November 2020

MusicTech Studio One 5 Professional review

“This could be a serious contender for our new standard DAW.”

Matthew Mann, MusicTech, August 2020

Interface Studio One 5 Professional review (Dutch)

“Studio One heeft de unieke eigenschap dat het zowel voor muzikanten als componisten en engineers een efficiënte en volledige daw is met een unieke en snelle workflow en een uitstekende geluidskwaliteit.”

Stefan Robbers, Interface, December 2020

Recording mag Studio One 5 Professional review

“PreSonus has once again upped the game with fantastic innovations in Studio One 5.”

Bill Stunt, Recording (U.S.), November 2020 Studio One 5.2 Professional & PreSonus Sphere review

“The successful further development of their outstanding DAW.”

Klaus Feurich,, March 2021

Mixdown Studio One 5.2 Professional

“...this new chapter for Studio One boasts a fully customisable experience in music making, mixing, mastering and live performance. Somehow PreSonus has improved the software for all types of users, making it a serious competitor in all uses.”

Sam McNiece, Mixdown, April 2021 Studio One 5 Professional review

“Rund 70 größere und kleinere Neuerungen hat Presonus in sein Major Update auf Presonus Studio One 5 gepackt. Und viele davon machen das Arbeiten mit dieser DAW noch schneller, noch intuitiver, noch komfortabler.”

m.steinwax,, July 2020

International DJ Studio One 5 Professional review

“It was quickly evident that Studio One has been coded superbly, the focus being to create a comprehensive production platform with a fast, articulate workflow.”

Chris Lyth, International DJ, August 2020 Studio One 5 Professional review

“Con la sua interfaccia reattiva e moderna, il flusso di lavoro fluido e il set di funzionalità innovative, Studio One 5 rappresenta davvero lo stato dell’arte nella progettazione di studi virtuali.”

Giona Guidi,, April 2021

All Things Gear Studio One 5.2 review

“Studio One is a full-featured, professional-tier DAW, and Studio One 5 not only helps cement that, but at least in some areas, puts it head and shoulders above the competition.”

Christian de Looper, All Things Gear, May 2021

Recording mag Studio One 5.2 Professional update review

“With the Arranger Track addition, Show is now an even more responsive and spontaneous performance tool.”

Bill Stunt, Recording (U.S.), May 2021

Tape Op Studio One 5 Professional v5.1 review

“I can only hope that PreSonus and Studio One Professional continue balancing the scope of what a mature and stable DAW can do with the same level of clarity in the UX that I’ve grown to adore. So far, so good!”

Dana Gumbiner, Tape Op, May 2021

Musikermagasinet Studio One 5 Professional review (Swedish)

“Presonus utvecklare har sannerligen gjort ett gott jobb med att gå sin egen väg, och det har resulterat i en mängd väldigt smarta lösningar och funktioner. Rekommenderas å det varmaste! (Presonus developers have certainly done a good job of going their ow”

Gunnar Olsson, Musikermagasinet, August 2021

Labfreq Studio One 5.4 review

“No other software offers these features in such a streamlined manner – each with its UI and workflows. This is where Studio One has a leg and arm up on the market.”

Tre Scranton, Labfreq, October 2021

SoundBytes Studio One 5 Professional 5.5 review

“...from version 5.0 to 5.5, there’s more than we normally get in the major releases of some other DAWs….quite a nice collection of goodies.”

Alex Arsov, SoundBytes, January 2022

Beat Studio One 5.5 update review (Deutsch)

“Mit den neuen Projekt-Funktionen kommt Studio One einer All-in-one-Lösung für Produktion, Recording, Mastering und Live-Gig wieder ein gutes Stück näher.... Ein sehr lohnendes Update für alle Nutzer!”

Alexander Rothenberg, Beat, March 2022

Beat Studio One 5.5 update review (English)

“With the new Project features, Studio One comes a lot closer to being an all-in-one solution for production, recording, mastering and live gigging…. A very worthwhile update for all users!”

Alexander Rothenberg, Beat, March 2022

DJ Lab Studio One 5 Professional review (German)

“...eine der besten DAWs, die der Markt zu bieten hat, Punkt. Die Software hat sich über die Jahre zur wirklich durchdachten Produktionsumgebung gemausert, die löblicherweise bestehende Funktionen ständig verbessert und unaufhörlich moderne Features integr”

Tobias Homburger, DJ Lab, April 2022

Forest Whitaker Studio One 5 Professional tutorial/review

“I think it is the best DAW for producing vocals. With Studio One 5, I can get everything I need done with one DAW.”

Forest Whitehead, Forest Whitehead, June 2021 Studio One 5 Professional 5.5 review

“...we love Studio One so much that some members of our editorial team have permanently switched to this DAW platform.… fantastic for workflow…. usability has been smooth and rock solid…. sessions in Studio One just SOUND better… should fill most users’ ne”

Bruce Sokolovic,, June 2022

Les Sondiers Studio One 5 Professional 5.5 review

“Ce qui me frappe à chaque fois, c'est le niveau très élevé de qualité dans l'implémentation des fonctionnalités de ce logiciel. (What strikes me every time is the very high level of quality in the implementation of the features of this software.)”

Knarf, Les Sondiers, January 2022

Music in Africa Studio One 5 Professional review

“The simplicity with which I could navigate the DAW really had me hooked…. jam packed with myriad useful tools to help you be as expressive as possible…. fits the modern musician, producer and creative. I have not been disappointed yet.”

Brian King, Music in Africa, June 2022

Crossfadr Best DAWs in 2022: Studio One 5 Professional

“ of the best music production software available…. combines all the essential production tools in a single easy-to-use package…. ideal for beginners… has enough advanced features to keep professionals happy and productive…. will let you record and p”

David Larkin, Crossfadr, June 2022