A podcasting studio in a mic.

Designed with the needs of the modern broadcaster in mind, Revelator™ is the only USB microphone with a professional broadcast mixer built in. Get that classic broadcast vocal quickly with professionally crafted presets created with the same award-winning sonic enhancements our StudioLive® digital mixers provide for local and national broadcasters the world over. Selectable pickup patterns let you use a single mic for in-person interviews or roundtable discussions, and the onboard loopback mixer removes the challenges of conferencing in Zoom calls. Only Revelator packs all the tools you need for your podcasting studio into an elegant, great-sounding USB microphone.

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Radio sound. Digital age.

Dialing in that familiar broadcast sound with world-class EQ and compression is an art, and PreSonus® knows the artists who can make it easier than ever before. That’s why we included professionally crafted presets that will make your voice stand out at the press of a button. Open up Universal Control, and you’ll find simplified controls that make customizing presets easy. Ready to take it to the next level? Click on Advanced mode, and you’ll find a complete State Space Modeled analog channel strip. These meticulously re-created classics provide the same sound as world-class broadcast studios—and they’re built into your mic!

One mic. Maximum flexibility.

No matter your application, Revelator has you covered with three different pickup patterns for maximum flexibility so you can build your podcasting studio around a single USB microphone:

  • When you’re recording solo, use cardioid mode to pick up the sound you want and remove the sounds you don’t.
  • Doing an in-person interview? Change to figure 8 mode to use one side of the mic for you, and the other for your guest.
  • When you’re ready for a round table discussion, switch to omnidirectional mode to pick up sound all the way around the microphone.

Whatever the situation, Revelator will adapt to fit your needs.

No-fuss loopback audio when you need it.

Using Zoom or Skype for online interviews is a great way to introduce fascinating guests to your audience and expand your reach. But recording these interviews can be a challenge. Not with Revelator! Loopback audio is the secret to blending the audio from multiple applications without all the head-scratching. Revelator’s simple mixer makes this even easier by giving you two dedicated channels just for loopback audio on both macOS® and Windows®. This means you can mix and record the audio from two different applications on your computer along with your voice—all at the same time. Create a custom mix for you and separate mixes for your guests. Revelator even lets you listen in on different mixes to make balancing levels faster than ever.

Broadcast whenever, however.

Revelator’s presets are stored on the mic so you can take your sound with you and connect directly to your iPad® Pro, or grab your Camera Connection Kit and connect your Revelator to your Lightning- or USB-C-equipped iPhone® or iPad®. Only Revelator lets you bring studio-quality sound to your podcast wherever you’re recording.

Professional design. Professional results.

Revelator’s elegant aesthetic and rugged build enhances the professionalism of any broadcast. Built-in monitoring and an onboard headphone amplifier let you listen to your podcast in real time. A Mute button lets you silence your mic if you need to cough or clear your throat. Whether you’re recording audio only or broadcasting on YouTube, Revelator is right there with you to make you sound—and look—professional.

Tools that grow with you.

Revelator comes with a complete suite of professional software to take your podcast to the next level whenever you’re ready. Studio One® Artist makes it easy to polish your episodes with its lightning-fast drag-and-drop workflow, complete plug-in suite, and a simple podcasting template to make configuring your session quick and easy. Add bumpers, insert sponsored ads, record multiple takes, and much more. You also get royalty-free music tracks from Ghosthack and over 380,000 sound effects from SoundSnap as part of the Studio Magic Suite. With Revelator, Studio One Artist, and Studio Magic you have everything you need to get professional results—whether you’re just getting started, or working on your 100th episode.