Studio One Professional, Notion, and nearly all PreSonus software.

But that’s just the beginning.

You also get a library of masterclass videos, collaboration tools, monthly live streams, exclusive Studio One features, industry veteran-authored presets, and tons of loop and construction kit content—and we’re constantly adding more, month after month after month. No hidden fees. No additional upgrade costs. All in PreSonus Sphere.

The DAW.

A PreSonus Sphere membership includes licenses for award-winning Studio One Professional–the only DAW that lets you record, produce, mix, master, and perform from within a single application. Go from creative concept to final mastered album—even use stems from your songs as backing tracks for your live performance—all from Studio One.

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All the extras.

Studio One Professional is only the beginning. PreSonus Sphere also gives you every single PreSonus plug-in and Studio One Add-on PreSonus makes–including the complete Fat Channel Collection, CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper, PreSonus Symphony Orchestra, Audio Batch Converter, and so much more!

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Sounds for days.

Log into your PreSonus Sphere account and you’ll find nearly 100 GB of inspiring content libraries to supercharge your productions, including Tom Brechtlein Drums and the complete Spark collection... with more libraries added all the time.

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A composer’s toolkit.

PreSonus Sphere is the ultimate toolkit for the modern composer. From simple lead sheets to complete orchestrations, you’ll deliver polished scores fast with award-winning Notion software. Deep integration with Studio One lets you start your score in Studio One and send it to Notion and vice versa. Use Studio One’s Sound Variations to easily set up and control complex orchestral libraries. No matter how you compose, PreSonus Sphere has you covered.

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A symphony of sounds.

In addition to the orchestral library that comes with Notion featuring sounds performed by the London Symphony Orchestra recorded in Abbey Road Studios, you also get every Notion Add-on sound pack (a $600 value) with your PreSonus Sphere membership, so all your instrument needs are covered, from classical guitar to jazz brass combo.

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Inside PreSonus Sphere, you’ll find an ever-growing list of masterclasses to help you hone your audio skills with two new masterclasses added each month, on topics ranging from compression to sampling—and everything in between.

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Exclusive live streams.

Two times every single month, PreSonus product specialists host a live stream that’s available exclusively in your PreSonus Sphere account. Live streams cover everything from mix critiques to interviews with internationally known producers and more.

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Collaboration Workspaces.

PreSonus Sphere makes it easy to share your stems and mixes using Workspaces. A live chat within every Workspace lets you communicate in real time with your collaborators. Inline comments let you mark-up mixes, add performance notes, and more. Your PreSonus Sphere Workspaces can be shared with anyone; all they need is a free MyPreSonus account.

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Exclusive Studio One integration.

PreSonus Sphere Workspaces can be accessed right from the Studio One Browser, where you can audition audio files without downloading them first. Drag and drop tracks right from Studio One to and from Workspaces to automatically upload or download them.

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Cloud storage meter in PreSonus Sphere

Cloud storage.

30 GB of Cloud storage is included with your membership for mixes, lead sheets, album art, and more. Need more space? Upgrade your Cloud storage to 100 GB for the price of a cup of coffee.

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Curated content.

PreSonus Sphere users have access to an exclusive Exchange portal loaded with custom-designed tools and curated content by featured PreSonus artists. Get unique effects chains by Grammy-nominated producer Häzel; Ampire tones by Steve Stine; Mojito leads by Emmavie; and so much more, getting added all the time.

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Expert Chat.

Need a quick workflow tip or have a pressing EQ question? PreSonus has gathered Studio One and Notion power users from around the globe to answer your questions in Expert Chat.

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All In PreSonus Sphere

It's all in Sphere.

PreSonus Sphere has everything you need to create, compose, collaborate and connect – wherever sound takes you. Click below to see plans and pricing.

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