Mixing Systems

PreSonus® StudioLive® Series III, StudioLive AR, and StudioLive Classic digital mixers provide complete, easy-to-use solutions for live and studio applications. Top-shelf components deliver amazing sound, while full-featured processing is available on virtually every input and bus. The integrated recording interface, networking features, and tightly integrated software provide recording, editing, and computer-control, including simultaneous wireless remote control from laptops, iOS® devices, and Android devices.

Control Surfaces

PreSonus® control surfaces enable sophisticated command of digital audio workstation software.


PreSonus® offers a variety of powerful, yet easy-to use recording, control, and music-notation apps for Mac®, Windows®, iOS®, and Android. Our award-winning, tightly integrated software enables you to record live and in the studio with incredible ease and speed; compose quickly and play your scores with superb sounds; control StudioLive® mixers, StudioLive AI loudspeakers, and Studio 192-series and Quantum-series interfaces; completely automate virtual soundchecks; save mixer scenes with your live recordings and edit both; and much more. PreSonus hardware and software work together to form a cohesive ecosystem that helps you achieve your creative vision.

Audio Interfaces

We've been making recording interfaces for a long time. From the top-of-the-line Quantum family to the AudioBox USB 96, we prioritize sound quality, ease-of-use, and construction quality. Whether you use Mac®, Windows®, or iOS®, we have an interface that fits your application and budget.

Studio Speakers

Decades of extensive recording, mixing, and production experience stand behind designing near-field studio monitors, media reference speakers, and subwoofers with superior accuracy, clarity, and definition. Whether you’re looking for a pair of Bluetooth™ wireless speakers for gaming or professional horn-loaded coaxial speakers for your studio—one listen is all it takes to discover PreSonus studio speakers are truly Accuracy Defined.

Studio Accessories

PreSonus has always prided itself on delivering innovative studio accessories that provide professional sound quality and features without sacrificing affordability. From award-winning microphone preamps to powerful monitor controllers, microphones, headphones, and more, PreSonus’ line of studio accessories will help take your recordings to the next level.

Live Sound Reinforcement

PreSonus offers a broad selection of advanced sound-reinforcement loudspeakers that employ distinctive technologies. StudioLive® AI-series Active Integration coaxial loudspeakers deliver studio-monitor accuracy onstage with unprecedented onboard processing and networking features. ULT-series active loudspeakers use a proprietary rotatable horn to combine the widest horizontal dispersion of any loudspeaker in their class, with a focused vertical dispersion for an ultra-long throw. Lightweight AIR-series active loudspeakers provide onboard processing and an innovative amplification system that uses the respective strengths of Class D and Class A/B amplifiers. The WorxAudio series includes a variety of line arrays, point-source systems, and subwoofers. Regardless of your live-sound needs, we have the loudspeakers you need.


Audio networking is much more than just a way to connect a digital snake. With PreSonus AVB networking, you can connect digital audio devices over long distances using CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cable and route your audio anywhere on the network with extremely low latency. AVB provides a high-precision clock that significantly reduces harmonic distortion and phasing, ensuring your audio stays clear and clean. Smart AVB switches are used to guarantee bandwidth and simplify setup meaning you don’t need special training or networking experience.

Discontinued Products

Over the years we’ve made a wealth of wonderful products that are gone now—but they’re not forgotten! We still love these classic products, and we know our long-time customers do, too. So if you have some of these oldies and want to know more about them or are simply curious, read on!