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Small format mixers. Large format power.

StudioLive Series III mixers bring the power of a large format console to small format digital mixing. Powered by the PreSonus FLEX DSP Engine, StudioLive Series III digital mixers provide up to:

  • 76 mixing channels
  • 43 mix buses
  • 526 simultaneous processors—including 8 stereo reverberation systems
  • Fat Channel plug-in models on every input channel and mix bus.

With 128 (64X64) channels of USB recording, 128 channels of AVB I/O, flexible routing options, and studio-grade audio quality, StudioLive Series III delivers a truly exceptional mixing experience that's in a class of its own.


The scalable digital mixer.

The StudioLive Series III ecosystem of networked products are at the forefront of AVB networking technology. Designed to complement each other, the ecosystem is easily expanded and quickly configured, allowing you to create a system that is truly customized for your needs.

  • Connect NSB-series stage boxes to add remote analog inputs and outputs wherever they’re required.
  • Add EarMix 16M personal monitor mixers to give your musicians their own customizable 16-channel monitor mix.
  • Network multiple StudioLive Series III digital mixers together and route audio anywhere on the audio network with flexible Digital Patching options.

Live recording. Studio quality.

Designed exclusively for StudioLive mixers, PreSonus Capture® recording software is an intuitive multitrack recording application that runs directly on both Series III console mixer and on your Mac® or Windows® computer. Record any combination of channels, FlexMixes, and the main stereo mix to USB, to an SD Card, or both for the ultimate redundant live recording rig.

Soundcheck without the band.

We’ve all been there. The drummer is stuck in traffic. The guitarist is stuck at work. And you’re stuck at front-of-house (FOH) with a hyped up lead singer and bass player and no way to dial in a front-of-house mix, let alone set up the singer’s in-ear mix. StudioLive mixers make it possible to do a complete soundcheck before a single musician arrives.

  • Capture’s unique and powerful Virtual Soundcheck mode is fully integrated with StudioLive Series III digital mixers, providing unique one-to-one workflow.
  • StudioLive mix scenes can be stored with Capture audio sessions and allow Capture to remotely control key StudioLive digital mixer functions.
  • The Virtual Soundcheck mode built into Capture provides an automated experience that is unavailable with other digital mixers in this price class.

Superior sound.

In 1995, PreSonus patented digital control over analog circuits with our first studio product. Building on this legacy, we created a separate digital volume-control circuit ahead of our lauded analog XMAX mic preamp design, providing the convenience of digital recall without sacrificing fidelity.

Create the buses and groups you need.

StudioLive Series III mixers adapt to your changing needs, whether you’re mixing in the studio or on a busy festival stage. Each FlexMix can be individually configured to function as an aux bus, a subgroup, or a matrix mix, allowing you to configure your mixes in nearly infinite ways.

  • Additional effects buses are provided for the onboard effects processor.
  • An independent solo bus offers flexible monitoring options.
  • DCAs allow you to easily and flexibly control groups of channels.

Reconfigure your mix without unplugging a cable.

StudioLive Series III digital mixers incorporate the concept of an analog patchbay and digitize it, allowing you to patch any analog input or digital return (AVB, USB, or SD Card) to any channel to customize your mix configuration. This flexible feature also allows you to freely route audio to your AVB network and record any of the inputs and FlexMixes.

The ultimate recording experience.

With 128 (64x64) channels of recording over USB, the StudioLive Series III mixers will revolutionize your studio. Each channel can independently access its analog input or its dedicated digital return from your computer making it easy to monitor live musicians and playback.

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Studio One integration.

While compatible with any DAW, StudioLive Series III mixers are the perfect companion for Studio One. Remotely control your mixer’s recallable XMAX mic preamps and Fat Channel processing from the Studio One console.

Press the DAW button on your StudioLive and use your touch-sensitive motorized faders to control your Studio One mix. Seamless integration and thoughtful bidirectional control with Studio One make the StudioLive mixers the best mixing console for the modern recording studio.


Fat Channel plug-ins included.

The dynamic Fat Channel on Studio Live Series III mixers puts critical EQ and dynamics processing beneath your fingertips while giving you fast access to AND every parameter.

  • The ten included vintage EQ and classic compressor Fat Channel plug-in models can be used onboard your mixer, as well as within Studio One. 15 additional models are available for download from your MyPreSonus account, giving you a host of new signal processing options.
  • Fat Channel plug-ins can be inserted on every input channel and output bus Now you can enjoy extensive, studio-style processing whether recording in the studio or running shows on the road.

Remote control from anywhere, on any device.

PreSonus StudioLive Series III digital mixers are tightly integrated with an entire suite of state-of-the-art software.

  • Mix wirelessly using UC Surface touch-control software for macOS®, Windows, iPad® and Android.
  • Control your monitor mixes with QMix®-UC for iPhone®, iPod® touch, and Android devices.

Whether you’re adjusting monitor mixes on stage, moving around the room to dial in your mix, or using your mobile device as second screen for your digital mixer, remotely controlling your mix from anywhere is fast and easy.