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How low can you go?

​​​With the StudioLive™ 18sAI active PA subwoofer, you can get pretty darned low—down to 35 Hz (-6 dB). Better yet, the 18sAI’s 18-inch ferrite speaker delivers those lows with an accuracy usually found only in studio monitors—except a whole lot louder (up to 135 dB SPL), thanks to a 1,000 watt (bridged), Class D power amplifier. It adds up to punchy, round-sounding lows that make kick drums, basses, and other basement-dwelling sounds come alive. But that’s just the start! 

​The future is Active Integration

​​Products that sense each other, interact and work together via wireless and wired communication, are seamlessly integrated with software, and run on CPUs far more powerful than competitors’ current audio products—PreSonus® has realized this dream with its new Active Integration technology. 

PreSonus Active Integration products employ cutting-edge OMAP™-L138 multi-core 350 MHz processors — a whole computer on a chip. These 32-bit, 96 kHz multi-stream CPUs include an operating system, wireless and 100 Mb Ethernet communications, USB 2.0 and 1.1, and lavish amounts of RAM.

StudioLive AI series are the first live-sound speakers to employ Active Integration but the technology also is at the heart of the new StudioLive AI-series digital mixers and will be an essential technology in an entire ecosystem of PreSonus products in the future.

Since StudioLive AI speakers have more DSP than a rack-mounted speaker-management system, you don’t need any external processing devices. It’s all built in, including a variable low-pass filter, a delay, and a limiter, all of which will be wirelessly controllable in the near future.

The StudioLive™ 18sAI’s Active Integration DSP gives these groundbreaking new subwoofers studio-monitor accuracy. Starting in Spring 2014, PreSonus StudioLive AI-series PA speakers will offer wireless and wired control of all setup, tuning, and monitoring functions, using free SL Room Control software for Mac®, Windows®, and iPad®, making these controls extremely convenient to use. 

​A four-way PA system that works as one.

When used with a StudioLive 312AI, 315AI, or 328AI, the StudioLive 18sAI forms a true four-way system. But the StudioLive 18sAI is flexible enough to work great with other powered loudspeakers, too!

With most 4-way systems, leaving frequency content below 100 Hz in the full-range loudspeaker can introduce cancellation and reinforcement with the highest frequencies that are reproduced by the subwoofer. Some frequencies will be exaggerated (reinforced) while others are weakened (cancellation).

StudioLive AI-series loudspeakers avoid this problem when combined with an 18sAI subwoofer. For applications where a frequency overlap at 100 Hz is beneficial, you can achieve bigger bass sound without any extra effort. For applications that require a more linear (“flat”) frequency response between the subwoofer and full-range speaker, simply engage the highpass filter on the full-range StudioLive AI-series loudspeaker. This will also readjust the phase and time-alignment to keep the full-range system in phase with the 18sAI subwoofer, enabling you to create the best four-way system for your application.

Let’s say you normally mount your full-range PA speakers directly atop your subwoofer using the custom-designed SP1BK sub pole. Whether with a StudioLive AI speaker or Brand X, with this configuration, your full-range system and subwoofer should be time-aligned for practical purposes, so you can leave the StudioLive 18sAI’s alignment setting at 0M (no delay).

But what if your sub can’t be set up directly beneath your full-range StudioLive loudspeaker? If the same low frequencies are reproduced by two sound sources that are set some distance apart, you’ll have problems with cancellation and reinforcement. Low frequencies in the crossover region between full-range and subwoofer have wavelengths that are several feet long (the wavelength of a 150 Hz wave is about 7.5 ft!), and reinforcement and cancellation will occur as the waves interact in the room.

The StudioLive 18sAI’s alignment-delay presets provide compensation for this effect. For instance, if your full-range speaker is on a tripod stand adjacent to your subwoofer, the two speakers are typically about one meter apart. Choosing the 1M setting will delay the signal to the subwoofer’s onboard amp by about 2.9 ms, which compensates for that 1 meter offset.

If your full-range system is on stage, and the subwoofer is on the floor, assuming a typical stage, the two will probably be about two meters apart. The 2M setting adds about 5.9 ms of delay the signal going to the subwoofer amp, which compensates for a 2 meter offset.

In this way, you can keep your subwoofer in alignment with your full-range system for the most common speaker configurations without any extra gear. You’ll experience tighter bass response and a more cohesive sound, which means better intelligibility and bigger sound without more volume.

​You’re in control.

With free PreSonus SL Room Control software, you can configure, tune, and monitor networked StudioLive AI PA speakers from anywhere in the venue. You can even visually display the room layout on a laptop or iPad!

Every Active Integration product—including the StudioLive 18sAI subwoofer—includes both wired and wireless communications. The included USB Wi-Fi LAN adapter enables wireless networking. Wired communications are provided via an installed option card with an Ethercon port that connects to your Ethernet-based LAN network.

The master control center resides in SL Room Control, a rich, easy-to-use, system-configuration software application for Mac®, Windows®, and iPad that offers individual or group control of all StudioLive AI-series speakers on the network. Available free from the Apple App Store, SL Room Control gives you control over most onboard controls and lets you monitor key performance indicators like amplifier temperature and input clipping.

All StudioLive AI speakers—including satellite systems—can be networked and operate as a truly integrated system. A Network Setup Wizard automatically detects each speaker and allows you to quickly connect to your wired or wireless network. Once connected, you can create, edit, save, recall, and share speaker-setup parameters.

You have control over output level, a variable low-pass filter, mute, speaker delay, and signal polarity.

Operation modes allow you to choose between optimized settings for different applications. Normal mode is for live front-of-house applications, Extended LF mode provides an enhanced sub-bass frequency, and User mode lets you create a custom preset.

You also can monitor performance contouring, dynamic limiting, and excursion limiting, as well as checking real-time temperature and clipping.

For more information on SL Room Control, click here.

The divine interface.

​​​​Active Integration doesn’t stop at remote control. Swap out your StudioLive loudspeaker’s Ethercon control card for the StudioLive Dante upgrade, and you can ditch those analog cables.

Audinate’s Dante technology is a combination of software, hardware, and network protocols designed to transfer many channels of uncompressed, low-latency digital audio over relatively long distances and to multiple locations, using a standard Ethernet network.

Dante is intended to build and improve upon previous Ethernet-audio technologies (e.g., CobraNet and EtherSound), including the ability to pass through network routers, native gigabit support, higher channel count, lower latency, and automatic configuration. 


We sweated the details so you don’t have to.

​Using your PA speakers shouldn’t be a hassle—and with StudioLive AI-series PA speakers, it isn’t! We made the StudioLive 18sAI subwoofer easy to connect, easy to move, and easy to set up.

Connections are straightforward, with stereo line inputs (XLR/¼-inch combo) and full-range, switchable stereo/summed-mono line outputs (XLR).

Load-in and load-out are easy, too. An optional, mountable, heavy duty Sub Dolly lets you roll your StudioLive 18sAI in and out with minimal stress, and the lightweight plywood enclosure includes ergonomic side handles.

An integrated pole insert on full-range StudioLive AI speakers combines with an optional, pull-tested Sub Pole to safely and securely mount a full-range system atop the 18sAI. Interlocking stacking provisions also make setting up your system straightforward. Finally, an optional soft cover protects your subwoofer from dings and scratches.


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