Limited Time: Get Studio One 3 Professional with StudioLive AI Consoles

For a limited time you'll get auto-upgraded to Studio One 3 Professional when you buy a StudioLive AI Console mixer. Studio One and StudioLive combine together to create the ultimate production suite for home or studio use. This offer runs from August 1 - October 31, 2015 and is available to customers worldwide.   

Learn more about the offer and the benefits of StudioLive AI Consoles for music production

StudioLive CS18AI Now Available
StudioLive CS18AI Now Available

The ultimate control surface for StudioLIve RM Mixers and Studio One version 3 is now available worldwide. Providing 18 touch sensitive motorized faders and connection via a simple ethernet cable or WiFi, the CS18AI will revolutionize your live and studio mixing experience. 

Learn more about the StudioLive CS18AI.

New Lower Price on StudioLive RM Rack Mixers

StudioLIve RM16AI and RM32AI mixers worldwide have received price cuts to coincide with the release of their new control surface, the StudioLive CS18AI.

Now a touch sensitive, AVB mix system with motorized faders, and no need for a separate digital snake or stage box can become a reality.

Learn about more affordable pricing on StudioLive RM rack mixers.  

WorxAudio Loudspeakers by PreSonus
WorxAudio Technologies Loudspeakers by PreSonus

PreSonus is now proud to offer the complete WorxAudio Technologies line of loudspeaker systems for professional touring, corporate, and the mid-to-large installation market.   

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