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No-Compromises Conducting Class

(Available in the USA only.)

Imagine placing the sounds of the London Symphony Orchestra in the hands of the Conducting class – every day. Students can master the nuances of conducting by leading classmates as if they were an ensemble playing physical instruments. Notion Conducting is the only teaching solution that combines the superior playback and continuous tempo control of software with instructional videos and a full-size workbook built around a curriculum of standard symphonic literature.

Augmenting existing curricula with Notion Conducting frees the instructor to concentrate on individual students' improvement and provides full class involvement (with an element of fun), immediate feedback, useful homework, and independent score study.

"The hallmark of a Berklee education is that our students learn by doing, which is exactly the experience that Notion Conducting provides. Students can go beyond learning the basics of conducting to developing their own interpretations of a score in an environment that provides direct and immediate feedback, much like working with a live orchestra." 

David Mash, Vice President for Technology, Berklee College of Music

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