Powerful, Versatile Scalability

The StudioLive Series III ecosystem of networked products are at the forefront of AVB networking technology. Designed to complement each other, the ecosystem is easily expanded and quickly configured. StudioLive Series III digital mixers are your command centers to create the ultimate AVB network. Route customized audio sources to EarMix 16M personal monitor mixers. Share remote I/O between multiple StudioLive Series III digital mixers using NSB-series stage boxes without losing local gain-staging ability, thanks to onboard gain compensation. Record any source on the network using the unparalleled 128-channel USB audio interface onboard every StudioLive Series III mixer. No other system delivers so much power and ease of connectivity with so much flexibility.

Unmatched Routing and Scalability

StudioLive Series III digital mixers incorporate the concept of an analog patchbay and digitize it. This flexible feature allows you to freely route audio to and source from your AVB network and record any of the inputs and FlexMixes on the 64 USB sends on any StudioLive Series III digital mixer on the network.

Use StudioLive Series III rack mixers as standalone digital mixers with UC Surface remote mixing software or paired with StudioLive Series III console mixers to use as a stage box or integrated monitor mixer. Upgrade your I/O with an NSB-series stage box or two. Add EarMix 16M personal monitor mixers to your system and create unique, customized mixes on each one thanks to Digital Patching. StudioLive Series III networks are designed to be fully scalable and easy to configure.

They talk to each other... and listen.

NSB Stage box inputs can be sent to any StudioLive Series III digital mixer on the network, and thanks a dedicated onboard DSP that provides gain compensation on every input, each mixer on the network can make gain adjustments relative to the level set on the master mixer. In this way, multiple mixers can coexist on the network and adjust the preamp level locally for optimal gain staging.

NSB Stage Boxes and StudioLive Series III rack mixers’ preamp trims and phantom power can also be remotely controlled from your networked Series III console mixer or UC Surface touch-control software for compatible Windows, Mac, iOS®, or Android™ devices. This creates a truly integrated solution wherever your remote I/O is located.

The Ultimate Recording Solution.

Onboard every StudioLive Series III digital mixer is a powerful 128-channel (64x64) USB interface with freely routable sends and returns. This means that any or every mixer on the network can be connected to a computer and record any source available to it. Create redundant recording rigs. Easily add a broadcast mixer to your network. Route backing tracks to EarMix 16M personal monitor mixers. Perform complete automated Virtual Soundcheck thanks to the included Capture software. And when you’re ready—mix, master, and release it all in the award-winning Studio One Artist DAW software (also included).

Learn more about why the StudioLive Series III ecosystem of products create the best solution for home and professional recording, live sound, broadcast, personal monitoring, and so much more.