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Remote network (LAN) management, control and monitoring of connected PreSonus CDL-Series loudspeakers and WorxAudio PDA-Series amplifiers

Windows® and macOS®

Dante® network compatible

Input Selection

  • Analog
  • Dante®
  • Fail-Over (switches to analog if no Dante® input detected)

Identify (Interrogate) function on CDL Loudspeakers

Speaker Management

  • Speaker Naming
  • Speaker Mapping
  • Individual Speaker Management
    • Volume, Input Delay, Limiter, and Compressor controls
    • Mute/Solo
  • Multiple Venues (8 groups per Venue)
  • Speaker Groups (speakers in a Group cannot be addressed individually)
    • Speaker Net Browser and Edit
    • Group Monitor
    • Group Level Control
    • Group Mute and Solo
    • Speaker-Group browser
    • Store multiple speaker Groups together
    • Speaker Mapping via drag-and-drop GUI

DSP Speaker Control

  • Up to 800 ms alignment delay in 0.1 ms increments
  • ∞:1 limiter with -28 dB to 0 dB threshold
  • Compressor with –56 dB to 0 dB Threshold range; Attack variable from 0.2 to 150 ms; Release from 2.5 to 900 ms; Ratio from 1:1 to 14:1; up to 28 dB Make-up Gain; soft knee
  • 8--band parametric EQ
    • Frequency, Gain and Q with selectable Bell, Notch, All-Pass, Low-Shelf, High-Shelf, Band-Pass, High-Pass, Low-Pass curves
  • Separate High Pass and Low Pass filters with selectable Butterworth (6, 12, 18, or 24 dB slopes), Bessel (6, 12, 18, or 24 dB slopes), or Linkwitz-Riley (12 or 24 dB slopes).
  • Polarity invert (subwoofers)
  • Store/load presets
  • Store/load complete speaker setups
  • Copy/paste settings to other speakers

Performance Monitoring

  • Input / output levels
  • Real-time temperature
  • ADC clip detection
  • Power-amp soft limiting
  • Store/load complete speaker setups
  • Copy/paste settings to other speakers