Hispasonic Studio One 6 review

“...elementos que redondean un producto ya muy completo, y en algunos casos, abren dimensiones totalmente nuevas. Studio One 6 supone, en resumen, un nuevo salto adelante para un DAW con una trayectoria admirable. (...elements that round off an already ver”

Julio Navas, Hispasonic, September 2022

Audiofanzine Studio One 6 Professional review

“Studio One demeure l’un des softs les plus abou­tis du marché en termes d’er­go­no­mie et pour cette raison, on le conseillera vive­ment à ceux qui veulent un soft tout terrain et complet. (Studio One remains one of the most successful software on the mar”

Los Teignos, Audiofanzine, September 2022

Production Expert Studio One 6 Professional review

“With more rounded video support, new sounds, tangibly improved mixer functionality, and friendlier Smart Templates for new users to name only a few, for me Studio One is a HIT. — Luke Goddard”

staff, Production Expert, September 2022

American Songwriter Studio One 6 Professional review

“Studio One 6 does a great job of putting all the software tools a songwriter could need in one place…. I’m sold on trying to make Studio One 6 my go-to DAW. It’s the only one I’ve worked with that puts it all together and allows me to tailor the software ”

Andy McDonough, American Songwriter, September 2022

Audio University Studio One 6 Professional review/demo

“One of the main focuses of this release is to create a more personalized experience… I’ve been impressed with the live performance features…. This one piece of software can support you throughout the various phases of your project.”

Kyle Mathias, Audio University, September 2022

Recording Studio Loser Studio One 6 Professional review

“This is a thought-out DAW…. If I spend a little more time here, it can do a whole lot…. I’m excited to go down the rabbit hole with editing…. I would love to record a session with this.”

, Recording Studio Loser, September 2022

GetOffset Studio One 6 Professional review

“My personal favorite DAW…. Studio One 6 is a great next step in Studio One.”

Emily Harris, GetOffset, September 2022

Delamar Studio One 6 Professional review

“Dafür sind Funktionen wie der globale Video-Track oder die Textintegration wirklich zu Ende gedacht und hervorragend umgesetzt worden. Auch die Track Presets sind ein tolles Feature. (Functions such as the global video track or the text integration have r”

Tobias Homburger, Delamar, September 2022

Create Digital Music Studio One 6 Professional review

“I love this Mixer Channel Overview, which manages to put all your inserts, sends, and channel strip settings in one place without being quickly squashed (Logic) or clunky (Cubase…. There’s also a right-click Fader Flip which lets you pop-up a particular b”

Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music, October 2022

Synth & Software Studio One 6 Professional review

“It’s still the same world-class DAW…. It has some meaningful advantages over other DAWs, particularly for songwriting and composition. Studio One 6 represents a considerable step forward.”

John McJunkin, Synth & Software, October 2022 Studio One 6 Professional review

“Damit wird eine der besten DAWs am Markt erneut aufgewertet. Klare Empfehlung! (This once again upgrades one of the best DAWs on the market. Clear recommendation!)”

Martin Beurskens,, October 2022

MusicRadar Studio One 6 Professional review

“Fuller, fatter and more versatile than the majority of DAWs out there, version 6 takes Studio One to the next level, and ably re-configures itself to suit your needs.”

Andy Price, MusicRadar, October 2022

Studio One 6 Revealed — First Reaction

“I’m liking what I’m seeing… I feel like it’s a release for me, my kind of user. Anything that improves workflow, visually, UI… workflow is so, so important.”

Mike Enjo, Studio One Revealed, October 2022

Beat Studio One 6 Professional review (English)

“This [Customization Editor] not only ensures a better workflow for power users, but also makes it easier for beginners to use the DAW…. The new track presets make the creative workflow even easier.”

Jan Wilking, Beat, November 2022

Beat Studio One 6 Professional review (German)

“Das [Customization Editor] sorgt nicht nur bei Power-Usern für einen besseren Workflow, sondern erleichtert auch Einsteigern die Nutzung der DAW…. Weitere Erleichterungen im kreativen Workflow bringen die neuen Track-Presets.”

Jan Wilking, Beat, November 2022

Australian Videocamera Studio One 6 Professional review

“Studio One 6.0 has become a complete DAW package with that new video track ticking the final box. And Sphere gives you full access to it all at a minimum of cost. Like I said, it’s a no-brainer.”

David Hague, Australian Videocamera, November 2022

AudioTechnology Studio One 6 Professional Review

“By my reckoning, Studio One has become a complete DAW package, with the new Video Track and Lyrics Track ticking the final boxes…. Studio One’s future looks bright, devoid of doom and gloom — and no icebergs.”

Graeme Hague, AudioTechnology, November 2022