EM Eris review

April 2013

Tape Op Eris E5-E8 review

“Setting them up in my humble (yet effective) home studio for a few months helped me hear things I wasn't hearing previously and helped me to provide better mixes for my clients.”

Eli Crews, Tape Op, August 2013

Audiofanzine Eris E8 review

“During our listening sessions, the speaker seduced us because it reveals no real weakness.”

Red Led, Audiofanzine, October 2013

Church Production Eris E8 review

“With signal flowing, I was immediately impressed with how good these monitors sound. Out of the box, they were detailed, crisp and open.”

Loren Alldrin, Church Production, June 2014

Performer Eris E8 review

“The best word to describe these speakers in a nutshell is, WOW.”

Chris Devine, Performer Magazine, February 2015