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This product has been discontinued.

Technical Specifications


XLR Impedance 1.3k Ohms
High Z Impedance 1 Meg Ohm

Panel Controls

Tube Drive 0dB to +20dB
Gain 3dB to +48dB
Phase Reversal
-20 dB Pad
+48V Phantom Power
80Hz Rumble Filter


Blue Backlit VU


XLR Balanced 51 Ohms Impedance
1/4" TRS Unbalanced 51 Ohms Impedance


THD+Noise (Unweighted) 0.05% at 0dB Tube Drive
10% at 30dB Tube Drive
Noise Floor -98dB
Signal To Noise >95dB
Power Supply Rejection >98dB
Amplifier Type Dual-Servo

Power Supply

Type Linear
Input 16VAC/1000mA (factory configured)
Power 16 Watts


Weight 5lbs.
Dimensions 5.5 x 5.5 x 1.75
Mounting Universal Rack Tray Insert
Chassis Steel
Panel Brushed Aluminum
Sides Cast Aluminum