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StudioLive 64S

With the 64-channel StudioLive® 64S, PreSonus® delivers the most powerful and flexible digital mixer available for installed sound, touring, and recording, including extensive AVB networking and a full suite of integrated software.

StudioLive 32S

With the StudioLive® 32S, PreSonus® delivers a small-format digital mixer with efficient one-to-one control, flexible routing and expandability options, AVB networking, and 128 (64x64) channels of USB or onboard SD Card recording.

StudioLive 32SX

With the StudioLive® 32SX, PreSonus® delivers a small-format digital mixer in a well-equipped low profile featuring a 32 digitally recallable XMAX preamps, flexible routing options, and robust recording features—making it an ideal solution for any mixing environment where desk real estate is at a premium.

StudioLive 32SC

With the StudioLive® 32SC, PreSonus® delivers a compact, tour-friendly, rack-mountable digital mixer that can be quickly and easily scaled for 16-, 24-, and 32-channel applications with flexible routing options, AVB networking, and SD Card recording.