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New in Progression 3

Progression 3 makes it easier than ever for you to write your ideas quickly and includes new effects from PreSonus Studio One, an enhanced chord library, and many notation and publishing improvements.

Notation improvements make Progression 3 even faster and easier to use than previous versions, including an enharmonic spelling tool, cross-staff notation, and new shortcut sets. You also get an enhanced chord library with more library chords, user-created chords, and recent-chord recall.

Major new Progression 3 features include:

  • PreSonus plug-ins: Includes three PreSonus Native Effects™ plug-ins from Studio One®: Limiter, Compressor, EQ
  • Notation and tab: Many notation and tablature improvements make Progression the fastest and easiest composition software on the planet, including new enharmonic spelling tool, cross-staff notation, layout improvements, and new shortcut sets. There’s a new Capo feature, too!
  • Chords: An enhanced chord library provides more library chords, user created chords, and Recent Chord Recall
  • Look and feel: The user interface has been redesigned to be more consistent with PreSonus’ award-winning Studio One DAW
  • International localization: Available in English (U.S. and UK), French, German, Japanese, and Latin American Spanish
  • Display: Mac Retina display and Windows 8 touchscreen optimization

Click here for a more extensive list of new features in Progression 3.

Notion/Progression New Features Comparison

All Features

Notion 5

Progression 3

Cross-staff Beaming Yes Yes
Expanded Chord Library Yes Yes
Video Integration Yes No
Add PreSonus Effects Yes Yes
Custom Rules Editor Yes No
New PreSonus-style User Interface Yes Yes
Languages: add French, German, Spanish (Latin American), Japanese Yes Yes
Out-of-Range Notes Change Color Yes Yes
Improve Note Spelling in MIDI Entry Yes Yes
Flip Enharmonics of a Region and Selected Notes Yes Yes
Copy/Paste To and From Individual Voices Yes No
Add Tie in Step Time Yes Yes
Hide/Show Cautionary Key/Clef/Meter Yes Yes
Slash Notation - No Stems Yes Yes
Allow Formatting of All Text Items Yes Yes
Add Capo Feature Yes Yes
Titles Sync Across Score and Parts Yes No
Page/System Break in Individual Parts Does Not Affect Score or Other Parts Yes No
Multiple Printing: Print All Parts; Specific Numbers of Parts; Print Selected Parts; Fix Titles Across Parts Yes No
Start/Stop Attached WAV File at Any Point in Score Yes No
New Samples Available as Expansion Sounds Yes No
Bounce Stems Yes No
Add More Buses Yes No
New Sample Library Support Yes No
Touchscreen Optimization for Windows 8 Yes Yes
International Keyboard-Shortcut Set Options Yes Yes
Sibelius and Finale Keyboard-Shortcut Set Options Yes Yes
Retina Display Support Yes Yes
Drag Systems and Score Items Yes Yes