Beat StudioLive AR16c review

“...klanglich blitzsauber und schön rauscharm.”

Johannes Dicke, Beat, March 2020 StudioLive AR16c review

“"...ein ausgereiftes und durchdachtes Gerät mit Zukunft."”

Bob Humid,, June 2020

ProSoundNetwork StudioLive AR16 USB review

“A key consideration of the PreSonus AR Series is that it offers the same recording options we find in modern digital consoles. It truly is about the best of both worlds for the working musician and emerging audio professional.”

Liz May, ProSoundNetwork, August 2017

Recording Magazin (DE) StudioLive AR16c review (German)

“Bedienkonzept und Feature-Set sind vortrefflich umgesetzt.... definitiv zu empfehlen.... quasi prädestiniert als Universalwerkzeug für Proberaum, Studio und Bühne. (The operating concept and feature set are excellently implemented.... definitely recommen”

Manuel Knigge, Recording Magazin (DE), January 2022

MusicSoundTech StudioLive AR16c review (English)

“...a truly all-in-one solution, with an excellent quality/price/performance ratio, able to meet the needs of musicians, bands and young producers.”

Luca Barbieri, MusicSoundTech, April 2022

MusicSoundTech StudioLive AR16c review (Italian)

“...una soluzione realmente tutto-in-uno, dall’ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo/prestazioni, in grado di soddisfare le esigenze di musicisti, band e giovani produttori.”

Luca Barbieri, MusicSoundTech, April 2022