Recording mag StudioLive AR12 USB review

“PreSonus hasn’t forgotten the folks who are just getting into the mixer-plus-DAW game. These mixers will get those engineers in the door without bankrupting them, and take them a long way in grand style.”

Mike Metlay, Recording Magazine, December 2017

Worship Musician StudioLive AR12 USB review

“The two useful features that jumped out at me first were the ability to record all channels direct via USB with Capture and a dedicated Bluetooth channel.”

Mitch Bohannon, Worship Musician, December 2016

American Songwriter StudioLive AR12 USB review

“With mixers, first impressions count and the AR12 did not disappoint. My duo gig (two acoustic guitars and two vocals) was set up and sounding good in less than five minutes.”

Andy McDonough, American Songwriter, August 2017