StudioLive 32

StudioLive RML32AI

StudioLive 32.4.2AI

Mixing Surface Hardware and software Software and StudioLive CS18AI (optional) Hardware and software
Mixer Channels 32 32 32
Mic Inputs 32 32 32
Preamp Type Recallable XMAX Class A Recallable XMAX Class A XMAX Class A
Line Inputs 16 (TRS combo, preamp bypassed) 8 (TRS combo) 32 (TRS)
Analog Inserts - - 32
Stereo Aux Inputs 2 - 2
Tape Input (analog) Yes Yes Yes
Tape Input (Bluetooth) Yes - -
Tape Output Yes - Yes
Talkback Input Yes - Yes
Total Mix Buses 28 25 26
Main L/R Bus Yes Yes Yes
Main Mono/Center Bus - Yes -
LCR Mode - Yes -
Aux Mixes 16 FlexMixes (Aux, Subgroup, Matrix) 16 Aux/Subgroup 14
Analog Aux Outputs 16 (12 XLR + 4 TRS) 16 (XLR) 14 (TRS)
Direct Outputs - - Yes
Control Room/Monitor Outputs Yes - Yes
Stereo Digital Audio Output 1 (AES/EBU) 1 (S/PDIF) 1 (S/PDIF)
Subgroups 4 Subgroup Assign mode for aux mixes 4
Dual A/B Fat Channel on all Inputs and Outputs Yes Yes Yes
Fat Channel Type Third generation with customizable layouts and plug-in workflow (vintage EQs and compressors) Second generation Second generation
FX Buses and Processors 4 (any combination of reverb, delay) 4 (2 reverb, 2 delay) 4 (2 reverb, 2 delay)
GEQ 8 15 16
Parametric EQ on Outputs 6-band 4-band 4-band
Mute Groups 8 8 6
Scenes Save, Copy, Recall (with filters), Scene Safe Save, Copy, Recall (with filters) Save, Copy, Recall (with filters)
Quick Scenes 8 8 6
Filter DCA Groups 24 >24 >24
Multichannel Digital I/O 55x55 (AVB) or 38x38 (USB 2.0) 52x34 (FireWire 800) 48x34 (FireWire 800)
Built-in Multitrack Recorder Yes (SD Card) - -
Cascading for up to 64 channels - Yes Yes
AVB Yes (recording) Yes (preinstalled option card for cascading and stagebox modes) Optional
Dante - Optional Optional
Bundled Studio One® Studio One® Professional Studio One® Artist Studio One® Artist
Other Bundled Software* UC Surface, Capture™, QMix®-UC UC Surface, Capture™, QMix®-UC UC Surface, Capture™, QMix®-UC
Integrates Smaart® Audio Analysis No (built-in RTA) Yes Yes

*UC Surface and QMix-UC are free downloads from the Apple App Store.