These PreSonus Studio One Tutorials starring Gregor Beyerle will help you learn how to make beats on Studio One—and more! You’ll find everything you need to know to get started producing in Studio One in this breakthrough series—from set-up and Studio One basics to more advanced topics like the Project page.


Studio One Video Tutorials Chapter 1: Basic Concepts

An overview of Studio One set-up and layout to get you recording right away!

Episode 1: Welcome!

Meet Studio One specialist Gregor and learn the three core principles that make Studio One so fast and easy to use.

Episode 2: The Start Page

Learn about the Studio One Start Page, how to create a new song, grab a demo session, and more.

Episode 3: Audio Settings

Set up your recordings for success by optimizing your audio settings. Gregor has some tricks to maximize CPU efficiciency and minimize latency.

Episode 4: Loopback Test and Record Offset

Using loopback and recording offset ensures that what your hear while you're recording is what you'll hear during playback. Gregor walks you through this powerful tip.

Episode 5: Drag and Drop

Drag-and-drop is the fundamental principle behind the Studio One workflow. Gregor shows you how flexible and easy drag-and-drop makes recording, mixing, and composing.

Episode 6: Browser Part 1

The Studio One Browser lets you drag and drop plug-ins, audio, and so much more. Find out how to get the most from this powerful innovation.

Episode 7: Browser Part 2

Gregor takes a deeper dive into the Browser to show your some of his favorite workflow tips.

Studio One Video Tutorials Chapter 2: Production Tools

Making music in Studio One is fun, fast, and easy. Find out how to make tracks fast in Studio One.

Episode 8: Multi-Instruments

Studio One's Multi-Instrument lets you great fat, layered, complex sounds without complicating your mix. Find out how to get the most from this powerful tool.

Episode 9: Tracks and Channels

Learn the difference between Instrument Tracks and Audio Mixer Channels to help you to get the most from your production.

Episode 10: Pattern Creation and Editing

Studio One's Pattern Editor lets you create complex rhythms quickly and easily. Find out how.

Episode 11: The Chord Track I

The Chord Track is one of Studio One Profession v4's most amazing features. In the first part of this two-part episode, Gregor goes over the fundamentals and uses of the Chord Track.

Episode 12: The Chord Track II

The Chord Track is a great songwriting and composition tool. In this episode, Gregor demonstrates one of his favorite uses for the Chord Track.

Episode 13: The Arranger Track

Studio One's unique Arranger Track lets you remix and rearrange your songs, or even add a second chorus quick and easy.

Studio One Video Tutorials Chapter 3: Advanced Production Features

Studio One's advanced production tools will take your compositions to the next level. Find out how.

Episode 14: Effects Splitters

Studio One's Effect Splitters allow you to do parallel processing on a single channel and manipulate your audio in truly unique ways.

Episode 15: Comping

Sometimes you don't get a take perfect the first time. Or the third. Or the thirty-fifth. With Comping, that's OK—you can use the best bits from every take. Here's how to use it.

Episode 16: ARA Workflows

Audio Random Access (ARA) is a plug-in extension co-developed by PreSonus and Celemony and creates some powerful editing tools to tune vocals and so much more.

Episode 17: Groove Maps

Groove Maps can be used for sample replacement, gently nudging the timing in a drum groove and so much more.

Episode 18: Macros

Macros allow you to take any combination of several key and menu commands and assign them to a single button. Any multiple-command task you find yourself repeating often can be turned into a single command to help you become lightning fast in Studio One.

Episode 19: Song Data Import

Song Data Import lets you take any element from an existing Studio One song, and apply it to your current song. This is great for both Song Templates and Remixes.

Studio One Video Tutorials Chapter 4: The Project Page

Episode 20: Project Page

Studio One is the only DAW with an integrated mastering suite—we call it the Project Page. Here, Gregor shows you the basics of linking your songs to your Project Page.