SoundBytes Studio 24c review

“"Small, but so solid you could use it as a weapon in a tavern brawl."”

Aleksander Arsov, SoundBytes, May 2020

Gearspace Studio 24c user review

“The Studio 24c with its software bundle is a no-brainer.”

Brian Johnston, Gearspace, January 2021

Archie Beatz Best Budget Audio Interface | PreSonus Studio 24c USB Audio Interface

“The PreSonus Studio 24c is an absolute must-have for the beginner or if you need an extra audio interface for travel, it's the audio interface to go with.”

, Archie Beatz, December 2020

The Chris Voss Show Studio 24c review

“Works pretty darned great… We’ve been using it for our podcast, and we loved it, we’re very impressed.”

Chris Voss, The Chris Voss Show, December 2020

ANTJOY How to Make a Beginner Home Studio (with Studio 24c; French)

“La PreSonus Studio 24c possède tout ce qu'il se fait de mieux pour une carte son semi-professionnelle à moins de 150€. (The PreSonus Studio 24c has everything that is best for a semi-professional sound card under 150€. )”

Antoine Guidez, ANTJOY, October 2021

MusicSoundTech Studio 24c review (Italian)

“Ottima per strumentisti, cantanti e produttori in erba che necessitano di un sistema economico corredato di tutto quello che serve per registrare in casa i propri provini musicali mantenendo una certa qualità.”

Luca Barbieri, MusicSoundTech, January 2022

MusicSoundTech Studio 24c review (English)

“…excellent for budding musicians, singers, and young producers who need a low-cost system equipped with everything you need to record their own music at home while maintaining a certain quality.”

Luca Barbieri, MusicSoundTech, January 2022

Techstination Studio 24c review

“PreSonus is making it easier than even to deliver great sound with its USB interface lineup. I’ve really liked the Studio 24c.”

Fred Fishkin, Techstination, April 2022