PreSonus® offers a variety of powerful, yet easy-to use recording, control, and music-notation apps. Our award-winning, tightly integrated software enables you to record live and in the studio with incredible ease and speed, whether you use Mac®, Windows®, or iOS®; compose quickly and play back your scores with superb sounds; control StudioLive® mixers and loudspeakers wirelessly or over a wired network; completely automate virtual soundchecks; use Smaart® audio analysis to tune your sound system to the room and watch for problems in your mix; save mixer scenes with your live recordings and edit both; and much more. PreSonus hardware and software work together to form a cohesive ecosystem that helps you achieve your creative vision.

Studio One

Creative Music Production Environment (Mac/Win)


Live Recording for StudioLive Mixers (Mac / Windows)

Capture for iPad

Live Recording for iPad (iOS for iPad)


Music Composition & Performance Environment (Mac/Windows)

Notion for iOS

Music Notation (iOS)


Composing Software for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, and Vocals (Mac / Windows)

Progression for iPad

iPad® Composing Software for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, and Vocals

Notion Conducting

Interactive Conducting Education (Mac / Windows)

UC Surface

Control for StudioLive® AI- and RM-series Mixers and Studio 192-series Audio Interfaces (Mac® / Windows® / iOS® for iPad®)

Studio One Remote

Wireless Control for Studio One® DAW (iPad®, Android™, and Windows®)


Wireless Aux-Mix Control for iOS® and Android


Wireless Aux-Mix Control for StudioLive® Classic Mixers (iOS® for iPhone® / iPod® touch)

StudioLive Remote

Wireless control for StudioLive® Classic Mixers (iOS® for iPad®)

Virtual StudioLive

Control/Editor/Librarian for StudioLive® Classic Mixers (Mac® / Windows®)

SL Room Control

Control Software for StudioLive® AI-series Loudspeakers