Sanjay C Best USB Microphones 2021

“This is a streamer's dream!”

, Sanjay C, January 2021

Production Expert: Revelator USB Microphone - Tested

“...the Revelator is the best microphone in its category.”

Brent March, Production Expert, January 2021

Audio Media International Revelator Review

“If you are podcasting or undertaking any kind on Internet streaming, the PreSonus Revelator is a simple solution that’ll make your voice sound great.”

Daniel Gumble, Audio Media International, February 2021

The Gear Cage Presonus Revelator USB Microphone Review - Best USB Mic in 2020?

“The PreSonus Revelator is freakin' awesome. The price is amazing. The features are crazy. The sound is perfect... you're definitely gonna want this one”

, The Gear Cage, November 2020

Age of Audio Revelator review (Italian)

“Un prodotto estremamente versatile destinato a diventare uno strumento indispensabile perché soddisfa le esigenze della nuova generazione di streamers, gamers, musicisti e creatori di contenuti online.”

Liz Martin, Age of Audio, February 2021

School Band and Orchestra 2021 Best Tools for Schools Award - Revelator

“...we selected the multi-pattern Revelator, not only for its great sound but also for the accompanying software.”

Dr. George Hess, School Band and Orchestra, March 2021

Mixdown Revelator and PD-70 review

“The Revelator very much lives up to its rather fitting name, being quite the revelation in the content creation space..... The PD-70 is... smooth, clear and crisp, and for some voices, the exact special sauce required.”

Andy Lloyd-Russell, Mixdown, March 2021

Music Repo - PreSonus Revelator USB Mic Review — Best USB Mic for Live Streaming?

“PreSonus has taken the concept of the USB microphone and endowed it a heap of extra benefits and powers.”

Jane Sherratt, Music Repo, April 2021


“This is the best microphone for content creators on YouTube.”

Charlie Hunt, Charlie Hunt, April 2021

ProSoundNetwork Revelator review

“For podcasting purposes, this microphone will suit any situation you could possibly run into.”

Fela Davis, ProSoundNetwork, May 2021

Music Connection Revelator review

“...a creative toolbox that goes well beyond the capabilities of simply being a great USB microphone.”

Steve Sattler, Music Connection, May 2021

Mike Russell Revelator Review — Voice Changer Microphone That Can Record Calls

“If you're a podcaster, a live streamer, or even if you're a gamer who needs to mix audio from multiple sources, this microphone can do it all for you.”

Mike Russell, Mike Russell, May 2021

MMORPG Revelator review

“...a Swiss Army knife of audio wonderment thanks in no small part to PreSonus leveraging their “Fat Channel” technology. Once I think I have it figured out, I discover a new tool.”

Damien Gula, MMORPG, December 2020

Painfully Honest Tech Revelator review

“I don’t know of any other microphone out there that offers this level of customizability and routing.”

Jason Lewis, Painfully Honest Tech, May 2021

Technologies for Worship Revelator review

“I now find myself using it as a daily driver for video chatting, recording, and all of my voiceover needs simply because it's so easy to use.”

Daniel Quick, Technologies for Worship, March 2021

Computer Music Revelator mini-review

“With three polar patterns on offer plus a good bundle of software, this really is a great buy. Rating: 9/10.”

Staff, Computer Music, July 2021

GiacoAV2 Revelator review (French)

“Pour 160 euros c'est un parfait petit micro, vraiment super pour les podcasters. (For 160 euros it’s a very nice mic, really great for podcasters.)”

Giaco, GiacoAV2, July 2021

Let's Record Revelator review (Russian/English)

“There are really very many interesting and most importantly useful features.”

, Let's Record, May 2021

ProSound (Russia) Revelator review

“PreSonus decided not to waste time on trifles and endowed a fairly budget microphone for a wide range of users with really professional functions.... PreSonus Revelator looks like a clear favorite.”

Grigory Lyadov, ProSound (Russia), March 2021

GadgetGram Revelator review

“...makes it super-easy for all content creators alike to get polished, professional-sounding results with great sounding presets, easy-to-use loopback audio, and selectable polar patterns.”

David Novak, GadgetGram, August 2021

KnowTechie Revelator review

“At the usual $180…the PreSonus Revelator USB is a steal, giving you a solid USB mic that gives you tons of control over your sound…. it gives you everything you need to create – so go do just that!”

Joe Rice-Jones, KnowTechie, December 2021

Creatorbeat Revelator review

“The whole Fat Channel aspect is pretty dope, though, and makes it pretty easy to get a solid and quality sound out of the mic with minimal effort.”

Lou Wheeler, Creatorbeat, December 2021

Interface Revelator review (Dutch)

“Deze microfoon bevat alles om als gamer, YouTuber of beginnend producer gelijk aan de slag te gaan. Je krijgt bijzonder veel waar voor je geld. (This microphone contains everything to get started right away as a gamer, YouTuber or starting producer. You g”

Peter van Leerdam, Interface, December 2021

DJ Mag Revelator review

“To be able to record and mix your session from the one device is a novel angle that PreSonus has taken and a cost-effective one at that…. The Revelator has a few tricks up its sleeve that makes this mic worthy of a look.”

Mick Wilson, DJ Mag, January 2022

KR Revelator review (French)

“Le Revelator est le couteau suisse du broadcast par ses multiples applications. (The Revelator is the Swiss army knife of broadcast through its multiple applications.)”

François Bouchery, KR Magazine France, February 2022

DJ Corner Revelator review

“It’s so dang easy to use that even my 10-year-old daughter uses it regularly.”

Gustave Miranda (@proaudioevangelist), DJ Corner, August 2021

Recording mag Revelator review

“I and some of my colleagues have noted a step up in audio quality from my end since I’ve been using Revelator.... As great as it is for streaming and podcast production, I see it having a ton of potential as an on-the-go music production companion.”

Bill Stunt, Recording, April 2022

King Weekly Sentinel Revelator review

“"The mic is gorgeous right out of the box…. It’s a work of art, and it begs to be used…. exceeded all expectations…. some of the sweetest sounds you’ve heard in a long time…. You’re getting a ton of innovation and inspiration here, from a company that che”

Mark Pavilons, King Weekly Sentinel, May 2022