Production Expert Revelator io24

“The [Revelator] io24 is something I’ll be hanging on to personally as someone who does a lot of streaming… I’ve actually been waiting for a product like this for some time now.”

Brent March, Production Expert, July 2021

Jacob Dark Revelator io24 review

“If you're starting a new YouTube channel, podcast, or streaming channel, this is the PERFECT audio interface to get you going.”

Jacob Dark, Jacob Dark, August 2021

EposVox Revelator io24 Review: I'm retiring my GoXLR for THIS?!

“This interface is the latest product to receive the "Stream Professor Approved" badge. The value-per-cost and efficacy of the features makes it one of my top recommendations for streamers and content creators today.”

EposVox, EposVox, August 2021

Scan Pro Audio: Presonus Revelator IO24 - 2 Channel DSP Mic Processing + Mixer for 2 Remote Callers

“I would have no hesitancy recommending this for the money, I think it's absolutely superb”

, Scan Pro Audio, July 2021

Mixdown Revelator io24 review

“...a stellar solution for any eager content creator.”

Will Brewster, Mixdown, August 2021

Archie Beatz Revelator io24 review

“If you are a producer, singer-songwriter, podcaster, gamer… someone who is doing live stream, this will be a perfect audio interface for you, and it’s at a budget price.”

Archie Beatz, Archie Beatz, August 2021

Bonedo Revelator io24 review

“Sich hier viel Mühe gegeben wurde, Anwendern den Einstieg. (A lot of effort has been made here to make it easier for users to get started.)”

Peter Könemann, Bonedo, September 2021

Audio Technology Revelator io24 Review

“The strength of the Presonus Revelator io24 lies in its ability to create and route multiple mixes of audio internally within a computer. This translates to finer control over the audio you feed to a live streaming destination or video call application. F”

Preshan John, Audio Technology, September 2021