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No other USB microphone provides as much flexibility as the Revelator™. It starts with easy-to-use professional presets that make your voice sound polished, while removing the background noise of your mechanical keyboard. An onboard loopback mixer lets you add gameplay audio and Discord chats to your stream, while simultaneously letting you create one custom mix for you and another for your teammates on Discord. Revelator gives all the tools you need to sound like a pro in an elegant design that will make you look like a pro, too.

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Your voice and only your voice.

Mechanical keyboards are great for gameplay but the clickety-clacking can distract your fans. This problem isn’t unique to gaming, that’s why studio professionals love a good noise gate and that’s why we built one into the Revelator. This processor lets only the sounds you want pass through. We also included a full suite of studio tools to polish your voice—or completely transform it! Professionally crafted presets make your voice stand out at the press of a button, thanks to the same award-winning sonic enhancement our StudioLive® digital mixers provide. Additional effects let you emulate concert halls, AM radio, or space invaders for those times when you don’t want to sound smooth and polished.

No-fuss loopback audio when you need it.

Adding gameplay audio to your stream, plus your voice, and your Discord chat all at once usually requires third-party apps that can bog down your system and slow its performance. Revelator solves this by featuring an easy-to-use mixer built into the microphone that gives you two dedicated channels just for loopback audio. Open up Universal Control, and you’ll have a channel for your game audio and another for your Discord chat or your Spotify playlist. Custom mixes let you create one mix for your fans, another for you, and a third for your teammates on Discord! Even better, you can listen to each mix on your headphones to make sure it all sounds great, all while monitoring your voice at zero-latency.

Professional design. Professional results.

When you’re on camera, you want your desk to look clean. Revelator’s elegant aesthetic and rugged build enhances the professionalism of any broadcast. Built-in monitoring and an onboard headphone amplifier let you listen to your performance in real-time. Whether you’re streaming for the first time or moving your way to the top spot on Twitch, Revelator is right there with you to make you sound—and look—professional.