9to5Toys Revelator Dynamic review

“...hands down one of the best dynamic options I have come across in the price range.... a value-packed system that easily contends with the competition at a higher price tag.”

Justin Kahn, 9to5Toys, March 2022

DcSoundOp Revelator Dynamic First Look

“This is really useful and really powerful stuff, and it’s impressive to see at this price point.”

Steve Milner, DcSoundOp, March 2022

DcSoundOp Revelator Dynamic and Revelator io24 review

“’re getting an incredibly usable tool in the Revelator Dynamic…. the io24 is a great way to go… either of these interfaces could be a good fit on almost anyone’s desk.”

Steve Milner, DcSoundOp, April 2022

San Diego Troubadour Revelator Dynamic review

“...very simple, intuitive, and easy on the ears.... a tribute to keeping a keen eye on ergonomics and a bargain at 200 bucks.”

Sven-Erik Seaholm, San Diego Troubadour, April 2022

Australian Videocamera Revelator Dynamic review

“...damn fine value in my opinion. The audio quality is excellent, and easily the best of the units I have tested of late. The flexibility afforded is a major bonus…you could not do better for a mic that covers podcasting, vocals and narration at this pric”

David Hague, Australian Videocamera, May 2022

Creatorbeat Revelator Dynamic review

“...a surprisingly fantastic microphone that outperforms other mics in the category… a go-to mic for anyone looking for a solid stream-friendly mic…. a streamer’s dream mic…. we can’t get over how good this mic sounds.”

Lou Wheeler, Creatorbeat, June 2022