Kreatve Snd R80 V2 review

“"These sound amazing…. The bass response is great. I don’t need a sub…. I fell in love with them the first day."”

Kevn Elib, Kreatve Snd, December 2021

Inside Audio R80 V2 review

“ sounds beautiful…. really good stereo image… the high-end frequencies come out really clean…. can compete with way more expensive studio monitors.”

Jeffrey Muller, Inside Audio, January 2022

Sound on Sound R80 V2 review

“Voices come over with plenty of presence and detail, and the stereo imaging is good too, placing centre‑panned sounds solidly between the two speakers.”

Paul White, Sound on Sound, January 2022

MusicTech R80 V2 review

“...plenty of low-end punch, mid-range definition and high-end precision…. a worthy choice for those moving on from the entry-level market but can also be useful for writing rooms and production suites without breaking the bank.”

Robbie Stamp, MusicTech, January 2022

MusicRadar R80 V2 review

“There’s a palpable sense of spaciousness evident…. There’s also purity, precision, and most importantly, detail.”

Simon Fellows, MusicRadar, April 2022

Estrada i Studio R80 V2 review (Polish)

“Przetwornik wysokich tonów... świetny, efektywny i wytwarzający wyrównane pasmo driver, któremu niestraszne są odchylenia od osi nawet o 30 stopni. A to oznacza szeroki i przejrzysty obraz stereo. (The treble transducer.... is a great, effective driver th”

Tomas Wroblewski, Estrada i Studio, December 2021

Interface R80 V2 review (Dutch)

““Zeker, de R80 V2 klinkt inderdaad ruimtelijk, puur, precies en vooral mooi gedetailleerd. (Certainly, the R80 V2 does indeed sound spacious, pure, precise and above all beautifully detailed.)"”

Simon Fellows, Interface, May 2022