Sound on Sound Quantum review

“They've achieved low-latency performance that, with the exception of PCIe cards, is currently unrivaled by any interface I know of.”

Sam Inglis, Sound on Sound, September 2017

Sound & Recording Quantum review

“...zeigt, dass Innovation nicht zwangsläufig zu höherer Komplexität und immer kniffligerer Bedienung führen muss.”

Dr. Andreas Hau, Sound & Recording, March 2018

Audio Media Quantum review

“PreSonus has given DSP the boot to keep the processing path as slippery as an eel.”

Brad Watts, Audio Media International, February 2018

Music Connection Quantum review

“We quickly launched a previous session that had been problematic for two other USB and Firewire interfaces. Not only did that session run flawlessly using the Quantum, we added another 50 tracks and put them into record with no problem whatsoever!”

Barry Rudolph, Music Connection, December 2017