• Provides direct wireless control over aux mixes in any StudioLive 32 console or StudioLive AI-series console or rack-mount mixer on the network via a wireless router
  • Multiple iOS and Android devices can control the same StudioLive mixer
  • Control the outputs on a Studio 192 or Studio 192 Mobile audio interface


  • Portrait view shows Wheel of Me, where you can select multiple “Me” channels and control their levels simultaneously
  • Landscape view provides control of all aux-send levels and panning (for linked auxes)

Special Features

  • Group channels in mixer view—up to four groups
  • Ability to pan when controlling a mixer above the level fader
  • Aux Master Mute lets you mute the user’s assigned aux master output on the mixer
  • Set permissions on a StudioLive mixer so each wireless device can control only one specific aux mix
  • “Connection Lost” message indicated the app has lost its connection with the host and offers a Reconnect button
  • Free from the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, or Google Play Store