We got our start creating award-winning preamps and analog signal processors, and we still consider them “specialties of the house.” Check out our boutique-style tube and solid-state preamps, great-sounding channel strips, and other signal processors. You’ll love what they do for your tracks and mixes!

ADL Series

High-Voltage Tube Preamplifiers / Processors

ADL 600

2-Channel High-Voltage Tube Preamp

ADL 700

1-Channel High-Voltage Tube Channel Strip

RC Series

Solid-State Preamplifiers / Processors

RC 500

1-Channel Solid-State Channel Strip

DigiMax Series

Solid-State Preamplifiers / Converters

DigiMax D8

8-Channel A/D/A Converter with 48 kHz ADAT Optical

DigiMax DP88

8-Channel A/D/A Converter with Remote-Controllable Preamps

Classic Series

Long-Time Customer Favorites

Studio Channel

1-Channel Vacuum-Tube Channel Strip

TubePre V2

1-Channel Tube Preamplifier / DI Box


8-Channel Compressor / Limiter / Gate

BlueTube DP v2

2-Channel Dual-Path Mic / Instrument Preamp