Beat Studio One 5 Professional and PreSonus Sphere review

“Sphere might be the best way to become a Studio One user ... especially if you are on a budget.”

Staff, Beat, September 2020

Music Inc. 2021 Believe In Music Week Best in Show Award - PreSonus Sphere

“PreSonus Sphere is a well-thought-out, comprehensive world of software tools and content to help our customers create, compose, collaborate and connect.”

Chris Tso, Music Inc., January 2021

Delamar PreSonus Sphere review

“The Presonus Sphere platform and community convinced me, which is why I can give you a clear recommendation here.”

Philipp Bodor, Delamar, February 2021 Studio One 5.2 Professional & PreSonus Sphere review

“The successful further development of their outstanding DAW.”

Klaus Feurich,, March 2021

BenoniStudio PreSonus Sphere review/tutorial

“The coolest features in my opinion are the cloud and collaboration features.”

Brian Benoni, BenoniStudio, July 2021

Making a Scene PreSonus Sphere review

“PreSonus Sphere is another step in bringing music and content creation into the 21st century as well as making it affordable for all artists.”

Richard L'Hommedieu, Making a Scene, May 2021

Technologies for Worship PreSonus Sphere review

“I highly recommend people to give Sphere a try... I know I will be maintaining my membership for a long time to come.”

Collin Makariak, Technologies for Worship, December 2020

Higher Hz PreSonus Sphere review

“ of the best solutions around for people who are looking for an all-inclusive package to get started with music production, whether you’re a seasoned pro like myself or someone who’s brand new to everything.”

Mark Barkan, Higher Hz, April 2021

Audiofanzine PreSonus Sphere and Studio One 5 Professional 5.5 review

“Presonus fait ce qu’il faut pour animer sa communauté. (PreSonus does what it takes to animate its community.)”

Los Teignos, Audiofanzine, January 2022

Mix PreSonus Sphere review

“ overall impression is highly positive. Sphere does a lot more than just deliver software. It’s an entire music production ecosystem…. It does what a subscription program should: It gives you value.”

Mike Levine, Mix, April 2022

All Things Gear PreSonus Sphere review

“...a strong offering from Presonus…. Presonus is positioning itself as the go-to for all your music production needs. Sphere is a perfect example.”

Christian de Looper, All Things Gear, June 2022

Technologies for Worship PreSonus Sphere Community Update review

“The applications of Sphere’s Community update to the church environment are practically endless…. When you combine it with all the other advantages of Sphere you have everything you can need for your project.”

Collin Makariak, Technologies for Worship, May 2022

Nueko Music Magazine PreSonus Sphere review

“PreSonus Sphere è la soluzione ideale per i dj producer e musicisti che vogliono rimanere sempre aggiornati e avere sempre alla portata di mano i suoni perfetti per creare le loro alchimie musicali, collaborare, confrontarsi e interagire con una community”

Alex Vago, Nueko Music Magazine, October 2022