Infamous Musician Eris E44 review

“E44s... have a clear and crisp sound to them and all the options to fine-tune the sound really make these great for mixing purposes.”

Cody Slingerland, Infamous Musician, November 2017

Church Production Eris E44 review

“My ears found the Eris E44's dispersion pattern to be wide and quite even, placing it near the top of its class.”

Loren Alldrin, Church Production, May 2016

Performer mag Eris E44 review

“There is plenty of sonic depth while maintaining clarity, regardless of the audio source.”

Chris Devine, Performer Magazine, February 2016

Crossfader Eris E44 review

“...poised to become one of the must-have monitors for your home studio or portable gear setup.”

David Larkin, Crossfadr, April 2016