DJ Tech Reviews Eris E3.5 BT review

“...leaps and bounds above others in their range... deliver quality quite unlike anything you could expect from such a compact, low-price solution…above and beyond expectations in virtually every regard.”

Dexter Jones, DJ Tech Reviews, May 2021

My eLearning World Eris E3.5 review

“I am in love with the PreSonus Eris E3.5 studio monitors and there is nothing you can do to break us apart.... They make other monitors in this class take a back seat in comparison.”

Scott Winstead, My eLearning World, June 2021

MusicRadar Eris E3.5 review

“Great media monitors, then, ideal for video mixing, Youtubers, gaming and budget music production, and the price is verging on the ridiculous.”

Andy Jones, MusicRadar, September 2021

Integraudio Eris E3.5 "Top 12 Nearfield Studio Monitors 2021"

“The accurate sound and excellent frequency balance make it a perfect option for recording and mixing.”

K.M. Joshi, Integraudio, September 2021

Kreatve Snd Eris E5 review

“These things are pretty dope because they gave me the flat response I was looking for.”

Kevn Elib, Kreatve Snd, December 2015

MainByte Eris E3.5 review

“The perfect balance of size, sound quality, frequency profile, and aesthetics to produce some phenomenally accurate sounding speakers at a stupid price point.”

, MainByte, April 2020

BubVisuals Eris E3.5 review

“It was an absolute joy to use these speakers when producing, as all of the sound was clear and accurate…. The imaging is also great.”

William Pickard, BubVisuals, October 2018

Studio Live Today Eris E3.5 review

“I think you really can’t go wrong; if you are setting up a home studio, if you’re on a budget, if you’ve got about $100 to spend on a pair of speakers, these are what I would buy.”

Pete Johns, Studio Live Today, February 2021

I'm a Music Mogul Eris E3.5 review

“If you have a really small room or you’re tight for space…these are definitely the ones to get.”

, I'm a Music Mogul, November 2020

Techvania Eris E3.5 review

“These suckers blew me away, easily the best speakers I’ve heard in this price range.”

Jack Vania, Techvania, March 2020

All Around Filmmaker Eris E3.5 review

“...the greatest speakers for editing on a budget…. I know it sounds like I’m gushing over these speakers but they really are that good.”

Israel Sanchez, All Around Filmmaker, March 2020

Gear Seekers Eris E3.5 review

“The low price point is unbelievable for the quality you get.... truthful sound with an accurate frequency response.... I actually couldn’t’ believe how much bass these little drivers produce.”

Nicholas Cole, Gear Seekers, January 2018

Gearspace Eris E3.5 review (Sound-Guy)

“...truly astounding....very hard to beat for the money (even for twice the price, or more). I'd give Bang for Buck at least six stars if I could.”

Dennis Wilkins, Gearspace, November 2021

Secrets of Home Theater and High-Fidelity Eris E4.5 vs Eris E3.5 review

“...serious speakers with an excellent punch. Both models are fantastic, but if you want the best, get the E4.5s, you won’t be disappointed.”

Indiana Lang, Secrets of Home Theater and High-Fidelity, April 2021

RedSharkNews Eris E3.5 and Eris Sub8 review

“I could feel and hear everything and given that the monitors seem to project a nice wide stereo field the sound did not change as I moved side to side…. the PreSonus sound encouraged me to sit there and play for ages.”

Nigel Cooper, RedSharkNew, December 2021

Gearspace Eris E3.5 review

“...detailed and clear sounding... big enough to do some serious work.”

DrAudioBot, Gearspace, January 2020

New Toys Eris E3.5 review

“The Eris E3.5 worked great as I have them in my control room as a secondary pair of stereo monitors but they would be good as stereo monitor speakers for playing video games or for a small keyboard synth setup.”

Barry Rudolph, New Toys, April 2018

TechManiacHD Eris E3.5 BT review

“... idealny kompromis dla osób, które oczekują studyjnej jakości dźwięku w domowych warunkach, przy czym nie posiadają wiele miejsca.”

Michal Morawski,, April 2021

Audiofanzine Eris E3.5 review

“À l’instar des Eris E8, les 3.5 nous ont vraiment séduites.”

Red Led, Audiofanzine, January 2018

These are the HIGHEST RATED Pair of Studio Monitors on Sweetwater: Are they any good!?

“What you hear is what you get with this monitors.”

, imamusicmogul, November 2020

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity Eris E3.5 review

“".. don’t let the low price fool you, these are serious speakers with an excellent punch."”

Indiana Lang, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, August 2020 Eris E3.5 BT review

“"Was mir bei der ERIS E3.5 BT dennoch an Klangqualität entgegen schallt ist in dieser Preisklasse absolut phänomenal."”

Patric Louis,, August 2020

Decibel Peak

“PreSonus has created one of those rare gems that everyone should own, and they’ve made it quite accessible regardless of your financial situation.”

Stefan Chamberland, Decibel Peak, March 2020