Main Components

  • Continuous Directivity constant curve array with eight 2-inch cone drivers disperse sound an amazing 120 degrees horizontally
  • 15˚ vertical directivity can be extended from 30˚ up to 90˚ with additional arrayable CDL12Ps
  • 12-inch long-throw LF transducer with 2.5-inch voice coil
  • Low crossover point minimizes comb filtering and enhances line array intelligibility
  • 500 x 500 watts Class D power for high SPLs and lightning-fast transient response
  • Locking AC Connector in and out
  • Balanced XLR input and output


  • 90 High Pass Filter
  • Array Mode (1-6 boxes)
  • Sub Mode (Off, CDL18s, ULT18, or AIR18s)

Convenience Features

  • 35 mm pole socket with 7.5˚ downward tilt for use with up to two CDL12P on a tripod or atop an 18-inch PreSonus subwoofer (Note: a CDL18s must be used for when two CDL12Ps are arrayed)
  • Integrated flyware to create an array of up to six CDL12P’s
  • Signal, -3 dB, Limiter Protection, and Clip monitoring​
  • Easy-to-handle, compact form factor and 63 lb. weight
  • Rugged plastic enclosure
  • Tour-grade, 1.2 mm steel grille​

Accessories and companion products:

  • CDL18s Subwoofer (Supports up to 2 CDL12Ps mounted atop)
  • ULT18 Subwoofer (Supports 1 CDL12P atop)
  • AIR18S Subwoofer (Support 1 CDL12P atop)
  • CDL12 Tote Bag​
  • CDL12P Rigging System Components