Music Radar: AudioBox GO Review

“The AudioBox GO is a sterling little basic interface that can hitch a ride with you whenever and wherever your music takes you.”

Simon Fellows, Music Radar, February 2022

Mark Wiemels AudioBox GO review

“This unit sounds super clean. It really sounds right on par with interfaces that cost three times the price. My most recommended audio interface under $100.”

Mark Wiemels, Mark Wiemels, March 2022

Delamar AudioBox GO review (German)

“...ein ultra kompaktes Tool für Musiker das professionellen Ansprüchen an Aufnahme- und Wiedergabequalität gerecht werden kann.... so klein, dass es in jedem mobilen Setup und Gigbag seinen Platz findet. ( ultra-compact tool for musicians that can me”

Sven Radig, Delamar, March 2022

9to5Toys AudioBox GO review

“...a great little option for songwriters or home/mobile producers.”

Justin Kahn, 9to5Toys, March 2022

All Things Gear AudioBox GO review

“...takes the word “portable” to a whole new level…. professional-quality recording out-of-the-box…. an excellent option for those who want a small-format interface they can take on the go.”

Christian de Looper, All Things Gear, March 2022

San Diego Troubadour AudioBox GO review

“...may be the best value around, considering its crystal clear 96k/24bit digital and 50db of clean gain, not to mention the downright handiness of the little bugger…. [I] found myself sneaking back to play with it more and more.”

Sven-Erik Seaholm, San Diego Troubadour, April 2022

Music Connection AudioBox GO review

“The award for smallest, lightest and most portable interface goes to the new PreSonus AudioBox GO....a great way to get everything you need to record at a professional level in one, easy-to-carry, small and compact place.”

Barry Rudolph, Music Connection, April 2022

Beat AudioBox GO review (English)

“...scores with an ultra-compact format and low weight…. the sound quality has not been skimped on...can definitely satisfy even semi-professional demands.”

Jan Wilking, Beat, May 2022

Beat AudioBox GO review (German)

“...punktet mit einem ultrakompakten Format und geringem Gewicht.... dafür wurde bei der Klangqualität nicht gespart...können durchaus auch semi-professionellen Ansprüchen genügen.”

Jan Wilking, Beat, May 2022

Music in Africa AudioBox GO review

“Whether you are recording chords on your keyboard at a jam session or working on an album, this powerful interface has you covered…. Overall, I’d definitely recommend this for the creative on the GO.”

Brian King, Music in Africa, April 2022 AudioBox GO review

“Cleaner Sound zum kleinen Preis, was will man mehr? ...ein mobiltaugliches und empfehlenswertes Recording Tool für preisbewusste DAW Producer ohne wirkliche Schwächen! (Clean sound for a small price, what more could you ask for? ...a mobile-friendly and r”

Peter Könemann,, May 2022

Guitar Player AudioBox GO review

“...a great lightweight travel companion, one that would pack away easily…. Nicely done!”

Andy McDonough, Guitar Player, April 2022

Interface AudioBox GO review (Dutch)

“De klank is gewoon mooi helder en schoon....deze AudioBox zijn naam eer aan: Gaan met dat doosje! (The sound is just beautifully clear and clean….this AudioBox lives up to its name: go with that box!)”

Peter van Leerdam, Interface, May 2022

Performer AudioBox GO review

“For an artist who needs a simple interface on the road that works easily, there’s no other way to go.”

Chris Devine, Performer, April 2022

Inside Audio AudioBox GO review

“...een onwijs goed doosje waar je voorzien mee bent in alle basis behoefte.... vooral handig om standaard in een rugtas te hebben.
 ( incredibly good box that provides you with all basic needs…. especially handy to have in a backpack as standard.)”

Jeffrey Muller, Inside Audio, June 2022

SoundBytes AudioBox GO review

“...offers ultra-clear and clean input with all the details being perfectly captured…. doesn’t look or feel fragile.... ideal for traveling…. works perfectly also in the home studio. For the asking price, I’m not just happy, but I’m absolutely thrilled.”

Alex Arsov, SoundBytes, July 2022