This product has been discontinued.


  • Full control over compression Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release
  • Auto mode sets program dependent Release with Med/Fast Attack
  • Hard/Soft Knee switch on each channel
  • Link button allows for the true stereo link operation
  • Onboard metering for gain reduction as well as input/output meters
  • Independent LED's show soft/hard knee, auto in/out and channel bypass positions
  • De-essing, ducking and other forms of spectral processing can be accomplished using the sidechain provided on both channels
  • Full featured gates allow control over Threshold, Attack, Release, and two position Gate Range
  • Unique Lo Pass Gate Filter which eliminates cymbals and other higher frequency range instruments from opening up drum and/or vocal gates without effecting the audio output
  • Independent Gate Key Side Chain is included for external triggering and precise filtering
  • LED's on the gate show gate position open or closed and gate range (-60db/-6db)
  • XLR Balanced and 1/4" TS Unbalanced
  • Solid Steel Chassis with anodized aluminum faceplate
  • Each channel operates at +4dBu or -10dBV, selected via rear panel switch
  • Internal Power Supply: No wall wart!