USB Audio Interfaces

AudioBox Series

AudioBox GO

Ultra-affordable, powerful, and small enough to fit in your pocket, AudioBox GO™ gives you all the connections you need to record on the move or in your home studio. Compatible with both computers and mobile devices, the AudioBox GO™ is perfect for anyone who wants to get started recording fast.

AudioBox USB 96

Convenient, portable, bus-powered USB 2.0 audio interface with 2 combo mic/inst inputs, 2 line-level outs, and MIDI I/O. Record anywhere at up to 96 kHz.

AudioBox iOne

This convenient, portable audio interface for Mac®, PC, and iPad® offers one mic input and one instrument input and lets you record anywhere.

AudioBox iTwo

Convenient, portable, bus-powered USB 2.0 and iPad® audio/MIDI interface with 2 combo mic and line/inst inputs. Record anywhere with a Mac®, PC, or iPad.

ioStation Series

ioStation 24c

Audio interface and production controller in a small footprint. Two XMAX mic preamps and monitoring controls plus DAW control and a motorized fader.

Revelator Series


Powerful USB mic for podcasters, streamers, and gamers. Includes Fat Channel processing, 2 stereo loopback channels, and Studio One Artist.

Revelator io44

Get the most out of your XLR microphone with a high-headroom mic preamp, onboard audio effects, and a built-in mixer that lets you add audio from multiple applications at once. Flexible connectivity means you can use professional mics, gaming headsets, and even your DJ deck all at the same time!

Revelator Dynamic

Get a perfect take anywhere; our custom dynamic design means your voice is isolated every time; quick-access presets give you professional polish with a button press; a simple mixer lets you add backing tracks, Skype calls, gaming audio and more to create a professional mix for your monitor mix, livestream, or podcast.

Revelator io24

Built on the PreSonus legacy of professional recording, the Revelator™ io24 delivers polished, professional-sounding results for your stream, podcast, or production with high-headroom mic preamps, onboard processing, and an integrated loopback mixer that lets you mix and record audio from multiple software applications with your live audio.

Studio Series

Studio 192

This 26 x 32, USB 3.0 audio interface and studio command center is designed to be the central hub for any project or professional studio.

Studio 24c

The rugged, bus-powered Studio 24c audio interface has two XMAX-L solid-state mic preamps, plus instrument/line inputs and professional metering.

Studio 26c

Studio 26c has 2 pristine XMAX-L mic preamps, plus professional metering, Cue Mix A/B monitoring for DJs, and 4 rear-panel balanced line outputs.

Studio 68c

Studio 68c has 4 XMAX mic preamps and 4 line outs, MIDI, S/PDIF plus professional metering and monitoring features. Studio One Artist included.

Studio 1810c

ADAT-expandable audio interface with 4 pristine XMAX mic preamps, instrument and line-level inputs and MIDI in a small frame. Includes Studio One Artist.

Studio 1824c

Amazing sound quality with eight of PreSonus’ lauded XMAX mic preamps, expandable up to 18 simultaneous inputs and 20 outs. Includes Studio One Artist.