PreSonus has always prided itself on delivering innovative studio accessories that provide professional sound quality and features without sacrificing affordability. From award-winning microphone preamps to powerful monitor controllers, microphones, headphones, and more, PreSonus’ line of studio accessories will help take your recordings to the next level.

Monitoring Controllers

Studio Control Centers

Central Station PLUS

The professional choice for managing multiple studio monitors and sources.

Monitor Station V2

Quickly and easily audition multiple stereo sources and switch between three sets of reference monitors, all from your desktop.

Microphone Preamps

Versatile, low-noise, studio sound.

DigiMax DP88

This next-generation DigiMax converter is the perfect companion to expand any professional audio interface with ADAT I/O.

Studio Channel

Elicit a huge variety of tones with this multipurpose tube preamp/EQ/compressor.

TubePre V2

This warm, versatile tube preamp offers pro quality and features and doubles as a DI.

BlueTube DP v2

Get the sounds of both solid-state and tube preamplification in one versatile, affordable, two-channel preamp.


Get the right tool for the job.


The PreSonus DM-7 drum mic set gives you everything you need to authentically capture your drum kit: seven microphones with mounts in a hardshell case—all designed for the best studio and stage sound.


Ideally suited for broadcast, podcasting, and live streaming, the PD-70 is built to capture the spoken word cleanly and clearly while eliminating mechanical noise and breathiness so your voice is delivered to your listeners with clarity and warmth.


Ideal for stereo recordings of acoustic instruments, drum overheads, ensembles, and more, the PreSonus PM-2 stereo microphone set provides two matched, professional-quality, small-diaphragm condenser microphones with XY mounting bar.


Designed for musicians and performers who demand outstanding audio quality, the PreSonus PX-1 large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone is an ideal solution for recording vocals, guitar, podcasts, and much more.


Reference (or “measurement”) microphones can be quite expensive but the affordable PreSonus® PRM1 delivers high-quality results and is especially recommended for use with PreSonus StudioLive®-series mixers and UC Surface with Smaart Measurement Technology™.

Headphone Amps

Listen as loud as you want.


Get the problem solver, the most flexible and advanced headphone-mixing system in its price class: the PreSonus HP60.


With four clear, clean, screaming-loud (130 mW) headphone outputs, the musicians will hear every note.


Like other products in the popular HP series, the affordable, stereo HP2 headphone amplifier delivers loud, clean, clear sound, and roadworthy build quality, making it a great choice for wired IEM and headphone users alike.


Professional sound, wherever you are.

Eris HD10BT

With Eris HD10BT headphones, you get studio-grade sound and convenient portability—thanks to Bluetooth® wireless technology and Active Noise Canceling. 


These comfortable, durable, closed-back headphones combine superior listening isolation, a refined frequency response, and very accurate bass response.


These comfortable, lightweight headphones combine extended bass and treble response and accurate midrange to deliver impressive sonic performance.

Studio Monitor Isolation Pads

Studio Monitor Isolation Pads


Acoustically isolate your studio monitors from your work surface or speaker stands to improve clarity with these affordable and versatile pads.