Sound on Sound FaderPort review

“I’m seriously impressed as to how many useful operations PreSonus have managed to pack into this very compact production controller.”

Paul White, Sound on Sound, September 2018

All Things Gear FaderPort review

“PreSonus is known for building user-friendly, powerful devices — and like many devices before it, the PreSonus FaderPort delivers on that.”

Christian de Looper, All Things Gear, October 2018 FaderPort (v2) review

“The most important thing: The touch-sensitive motor fader is smooth and, above all, extremely quiet.”

Tobias Homburger,, October 2018

Jimco Software FaderPort (v2) review

“We really appreciated the fact that PreSonus put so much thought into making it easy to use the FaderPort in multiple DAWs without having to manually reprogram anything.”

Jim Cheshire, Jimco Software, October 2018

Recording mag FaderPort (v2) review

“The FaderPort fits pretty much anywhere and does most of what a larger surface will do.”

Mike Metlay, Recording magazine, October 2018

Barry Rudolph FaderPort review

“The new FaderPort, like FaderPort 8 and FaderPort 16, should be the first desktop accessory for anyone who mixes in the box.”

Barry Rudolph, Music Connection, November 2018 FaderPort review

“While it has great functionality with most professional DAWs (like Studio One), it is also a particularly good option for use with Pro Tools.”

Jason Buchwald,, January 2019

Everything Recording FaderPort and ioStation 24c dual review

“...the absolute perfect companion for anyone.”

Bryan Adams, Everything Recording, December 2020

Ivan Calderon FaderPort (v2) review

“I cannot imagine going back to just the mouse.”

Ivan Calderon, Ivan Calderon, August 2021

Gear Fanatix FaderPort review

“I’m still blown away by how easy PreSonus gear is to set up and use....[The FaderPort] feels analog, durable, professional, and it’s also affordable.”

Angela Dane and Ryan Lee, Gear Fanatix, March 2022