Worship Musician Eris E8 XT review

“"...round bass and deep mid-range."”

Mitch Bohannon, Worship Musician, January 2020

MusicRadar Eris E8 XT review

“"...great for both tracking and mixing.... offer incredible value."”

Jon Musgrave, MusicRadar, March 2020

MusicTech Eris E8 XT review

“"... the integration between bass, mid and high frequencies is incredibly balanced."”

John Pickford, MusicTech, June 2020

Audioholics Eris E8 XT review

“"... great for a 2-channel bedroom or family room system and would work very well in home theater too."”

James Larson, Audioholics, September 2020

DJ Times Eris E8 XT review

“Great looks, great sound and a great price seems like a winning combination.”

Wesley Bryant-King, DJ Times, August 2020

Sound on Sound Eris E7 XT and E8 XT review

“They remained smooth but detailed-sounding at the top end, very clean in the mid-range and punchy at the bass end without excessive smearing at low frequencies.”

Paul White, Sound on Sound, August 2020

Rolling Stone: Eris E8 XT Review

“PreSonus makes some of our favorite recording gear and its Eris E8 XTs are an excellent computer speaker pick for musicians.”

Brandt Ranj, Rolling Stone, September 2021

Studiospares E5 XT and E8 XT review and speaker placement tutorial

“ amazing reputation for delivering great results.... Coupled with excellent value, these monitors are an ideal addition to any production facility.”

, Studiospares, September 2020

Black Studios Eris E8 XT review

“I’m genuinely impressed with the stereo image as well as the low-end detail.”

Jessica Hammond, Black Studios, April 2020

Harmony-Central Eris E8 XT review

“... plenty of punch and no flub.”

Chris Loeffler, Harmony-Central, November 2019 Eris E8 XT and E5 XT review

“Presonus für ein Produkt dieser Preisklasse in der Tat eine umfangreiche Filtersektion am Start hat, was in diesem Segment bei Weitem nicht selbstverständlich ist. (PreSonus does indeed have an extensive filter section for a product in this price range, w”

Axel Ritt,, November 2019