Update to Studio One 1.0.2

December 2, 2009

The new Studio One version 1.0.2 maintenance release is now available and adds several new features and fixes more than a dozen issues in Studio One Pro and Studio One Artist. In addition, the Studio One manual is now available in German.

With version 1.0.2, you can now select a track after you choose Edit Automation and can drag a parameter to that track, and you can disable the click sound on outputs used by the Pipeline hardware-insert plug-in. Also Korg’s nanoKONTROL device has been integrated into Studio One, and Studio One Artist now comes bundled with our Gate, Expander, and Analog Delay Native Effects plug-ins, which previously were only available with Studio One Pro.

This update also fixes three issues that are specific to Mac OS X: a crash when quitting the program in OS X 10.4 (Tiger), a crash when resizing VST plug-ins, and a crash when switching applications while you have an open plug-in window for a Waves version 7 VST 3 plug-in.

Windows-specific changes include fixing MIDI timing problems that occurred with certain PC motherboards, fixing a time-counter flicker, and improving the Browser update speed when you have empty CD/DVD drives.

In both the Mac and Windows versions, the following problems have been fixed:

  • A crash when you close a Song after navigating events
  • The Digital Release feature created files without fades when start and end times overlapped
  • A crash when you drag-and-drop grooves from EZPlayer Pro into the timeline of the arrangement
  • K-System meter ballistics were nonstandard and RMS calculation was not based on pink noise; both have been corrected
  • Pipeline plug-in did not restore I/Os when you changed presets
  • Program failed to warn user at startup when ReWire was not installed
  • Sample One Filter Cutoff parameter is now a floating-point value rather than an integer value
  • Fixed MIDI timing issues with certain VST plug-ins; for instance, Guru did not trigger playback correctly
  • VST 3 compatibility improved
  • Scroll wheel was not working correctly on the track instrument selector
  • Slow response of muted instrument tracks when disengaging Solo
  • The 1/16T setting for the LFO 2 Beat parameter in Mojito was not being applied if selected

  • The type of the second filter in the Autofilter plug-in was not being restored when a document was opened