StudioLive AI Mixer Update Eliminates the Need for a Flash Drive

June 12, 2014

The days of needing a USB flash drive to update your PreSonus® StudioLive™ AI-series mixer firmware are over. As of firmware version 1.0.5203, StudioLive AI mixers have become self-aware. Well maybe not quite self-aware, but they can now check for new firmware updates over the Internet, as well as download and install the new firmware directly, all with the press of a single button. How’s that for easy?

You will still need to do this update to 1.0.5201 the old-fashioned way, with a USB flash drive, but for all future updates, as long as your mixer is connected to a network with an Internet connection, you’ll have the option to update your firmware directly over the network.

Updating firmware may just be the easiest thing you can do with a StudioLive-AI mixer now.

This release also fixes the following issues:

  • Stereo effects sent to linked auxes not heard in stereo
  • No right input from Aux In A/B when assigned to subgroups
  • Channel routing to Main bus not working on 32.4.2AI
  • Lockout mode not retained after reboot
  • In CR Solo mode, SIP should not switch the Monitor bus to the Solo source
  • Linked channels remain visually linked during scene change
  • StudioLive AI mixers randomly lose auto-store state and revert to default settings (zero out)

NOTE: The Store light now illuminates during the auto-store operation to alert users auto-store is in progress. Powering down the mixer while this light is illuminated may erase the auto-store state.

This firmware upgrade is part of PreSonus’ continuing series of free updates to its StudioLive-series mixers and is available to all registered StudioLive AI mixers owners as a free download from their My PreSonus accounts.