Studio One 2.5.2 and Capture 2.0.1 Updates Available

May 23, 2013

PreSonus® announced that Studio One® 2.5.2 and Capture™ 2.0.1 are now shipping. The Studio One maintenance update is free to registered users of Studio One Artist, Producer, and Professional 2.x. The Capture update is free to all registered Capture 1.x and 2.0 users. Registered Studio One users can download this upgrade through their PreSonus user account.

Studio One 2.5.2 fixes three issues:

  • Disk writing was too slow on some systems
  • [Mac OS X®] SoundCloud™ upload not working
  • [Mac OS X] Nimbit® upload not working

Capture 2.0.1 fixes one issue:

  • Disk writing was too slow on some systems

Capture 2.0.1 also adds support for the StudioLive 32.4.2AI digital mixer.

There are no other additions or enhancements in this update.