Studio One 2.0.6 Now Available

June 12, 2012

Studio One 2.0.6 is now available for all Studio One users. Use the Help/Check Updates function in Studio One to update, or download from your user account and install manually.

Special Note:
We have changed the communication between Melodyne and Studio One significantly.
As a result, you must update Melodyne to version 2.1 in order to use the Melodyne integration!

The Studio One 2.0.6 update has the following enhancements:

- [OS X] Full-screen support
- [Control]/[Cmd]+Drag to reorder Macro Toolbar buttons/groups
- Add new bus from Folder track uses track color for bus

The Studio One 2.0.6 update fixes the following issues:

- Preview player resampling performance issue
- Merging audio parts does not crop events
- MIDI file export can be corrupt when negative times are used
- Tempo changes not applied to audio recording
- Song end not visible in arrangement after tempo change
- [IR Maker] IRs can have too much room sound
- [Open AIR] Restore length was incorrect when resampling was active; improved overall performance
- Splitting folder events cannot be undone
- Insert silence (via dialog) does not always move markers and signature changes
- Tuner calibration after loading preset
- Delay-compensation issue with ReWire
- Merge audio events that were already in a part
- Bypass buttons do not have enabled state after song reload
- Audio Loop recordings with tempo changes are not correctly stretched
- Edit with Melodyne bounced event, even though Melodyne had already been used
- [Project] Image export adds silence at end
- [Project] Spectrum meter only processes left channel
- [OS X] VSL Ensemble VST3 has no GUI
- [OS X] Video Offset issue