PreSonus "Zombie Attack" Video Wins M&SR "Show Us Your Tubes" Award

February 4, 2013

We are always happy when we win an award for our products. And we are particularly tickled to win Music & Sound Retailer's "Show Us Your Tubes" award because it's special and different. This award is not for a product you can buy at your PreSonus dealer or for one of our iOS apps that you can download from the App Store.

No, Music & Sound Retailer gave us the "Show Us Your Tubes" award for, as the magazine's promotional notice put it, "the best, coolest, most viral video in music products": Zombie Apocalypse Strikes PreSonus!

To be clear, we paid in blood for the video that won this award. PreSonus VP of Sales Rick Naqvi, Studio One Product Manager Jonathan Hillman, and Technology Evangelist Byron Gaither were brutally attacked by zombies in our office during a Tech Talk Webcast. We are very fortunate that help arrived just in time, and they all survived with relatively minor injuries. Because it was Webcast, we got the evidence on video. It never occurred to us that our "documentary" might win an award.

By the way, this was the second zombie attack on PreSonus; in 2010, a gang of zombies—we think it's the same bunch—destroyed a Studio Channel, and we caught that one on video, too. To view that gory attack, watch Studio Channel of the Living Dead.

We are thrilled with this award, and we hope you enjoy the video as much as the folks at Music & Sound Retailer did. But when our new office building in Baton Rouge opens later this year, we're stocking the pond out back with alligators that are trained to protect against zombies. Twice was more than enough. We're taking no chances!