PreSonus Presents Awards to Reps and Distributors at NAMM

February 4, 2013

U.S. Sales Rep of the Year (L to R): PreSonus CSO/co-founder Jim Odom, National Sales Mgr. Mark Stone, Cadon Technical Sales' David Primo and Michael Canning, and VP of Sales Rick Naqvi.No doubt about it, PreSonus’ pre-NAMM gala event was the stuff of legend. But it wasn’t all fun and games – it was also a time to pay tribute to our insanely hard-working sales reps and international distributors, who tirelessly promote the virtues of PreSonus gear.

VP of Sales Rick Naqvi presided over the ceremonies, with National Sales Director Mark Stone and Director of International Sales and Business Development Mark Williams bestowing the coveted PreSonus ‘gator head award upon some of our most outstanding reps and distributors.

The U.S. Rep of the Year Award went to Cadon Technical Sales, while Special Achievement Awards were given to Domenic Troilo of Leinau AV and Brian Espinosa of Marshank Sales.

Australia’s National Audio Systems was named the International Distributor of the Year, and the Ashes award (named after a famous 1882 cricket match between Australia and England) was jointly awarded to National Audio Systems and Oceania of New Zealand. International Distributor of the Year (L to R: Jim Odom, NAS' James Piper, Mark Williams, NAS' Chris Cummings, Rick Naqvi Special Achievement Award (L to R): Jim Odom, Brian Espinosa of Marshank Sales, Mark Stone, Rick NaqviSpecial Achievement Award (L to R): Jim Odom, Domenic Troilo of Leinau AV , Mark Stone, Rick NaqviThe Ashes Award (L to R): Jim Odom, James Piper and Chris Cummings of NAS, Mark Williams,  Nigel Russell of Oceania of New Zealand, Rick Naqvi