Remembering Greg Ladanyi

October 1, 2009

Grammy-winning producer and audio engineer Greg Ladanyi was a personal friend of our president and founder, Jim Odom, and was well known and liked by many others here at PreSonus. We were shocked and saddened by his tragic death following a fall from the stage in the Greek Republic of Cyprus on September 25, where he was touring with Maple Jam Music Group artist Anna Vissi.

“Greg and I met about six years ago when he was just beginning Maple Jam Records [now Maple Jam Music Group],” Jim recalls. “He signed a band from Baton Rouge and came by for a visit. We immediately hit it off as friends, having worked with many of the same musicians in the past.

“Intensely charismatic, Greg never did anything 100 percent; it was always 150 percent with him. Being in his presence meant that you had to perform. About three years ago, Greg and I—mostly Greg—coproduced a live show for the Music Cares Foundation of NARAS called ‘StudioLive.’ That’s how the PreSonus StudioLive mixer got its name, as we discussed and debated the issues we were facing producing that event.

“Greg was relentless when it came to getting good sounds, and we had several lengthy, late-night discussions about how to get instruments to sound ‘bigger.’ His favorite word to describe good sound was ‘tone’; if the kick drum was right to Greg, he’d tell you it had ‘great tone.’

“Greg is also responsible for introducing Wolfgang Kundrus and me about three years ago, which developed into the relationship that created our Studio One DAW software. A huge fan of Nuendo and of Wolfgang, Greg was instrumental in helping us understand the issues with the software he used.

“We want to extend sympathy to his family during this difficult time, and all of us here at PreSonus will miss him dearly.”

That definitely sums up what we all feel here at PreSonus. Our only very, very small consolation is that Greg passed on while doing his creative magic to get 150 percent from a talented artist.