PreSonus Mixers Add Software Tools for Making P.A. Systems Sound Better

January 18, 2012

StudioLive™ digital mixers have built in 31-band graphic equalizers but using this type of EQ effectively used to be a job for experts. Not anymore! Now you can easily see the spectral content of your mix in real time—then do something about it. When you click on the Graphic Equalizer button in a new version of PreSonus’ free Virtual StudioLive (VSL) remote-control/editor/librarian software, the Smaart Spectra™ Spectrograph display helps you precisely identify nasty feedback frequencies and get your loudspeakers to play nicer with the room—without requiring a degree in acoustical engineering.

PreSonus has begun incorporating Rational Acoustics’ highly regarded Smaart Measurement Technology™ for sound-system analysis and optimization directly into Universal Control 1.6 (which includes VSL). Smaart is a collection of audio-measurement tools and techniques that looks at individual channels and takes those signals apart to examine their level, frequency content, duration, etc. You can then compare input and output signals to determine what your sound system is doing to the signals passing through them. “This is the real thing, trusted by acousticians and live-sound engineers the world over,” says PreSonus Chief Technology Officer Bob Tudor.