PreSonus Holiday Offer: Get Waves Plug-Ins Free or 65% Off!

November 9, 2010

Here’s a deal that will make you wave goodbye to your old, bloated DAW. Between November 1, 2010, and January 31, 2011, when you buy PreSonus Studio One Pro, you get six free Waves plug ins: the popular Renaissance Equalizer paragraphic EQ, Renaissance Axx compressor for guitar, Renaissance Voxx dynamic processor for vocals, classic Renaissance Compressor, 2- and 4-voice Doubler, and SuperTap multitap delay (the Musicians 2 Bundle). This is a $260 value! Between the Waves bundle and Studio One Pro’s generous collection of PreSonus Native plug-ins, you’ll have all the software tools to do a wide variety of professional projects.

Already have Studio One Artist? Now is the time to upgrade to Studio One Pro—and get the Musician 2 Bundle for 65% off - just $90. Are you using another DAW and finally ready to make the switch to Studio One Pro? Wise move – and if you do it now, you can take advantage of our special crossgrade offer to get the Musician 2 Bundle for $90! Got Studio One Artist 1.0 or 1.5? No problem –Studio One owners can log into their PreSonus account and download the version 1.6 update. From there you can upgrade to Studio One Pro 1.6 and get your half-price Musician 2 Bundle.

To get your software, purchase a copy of Studio One Pro between November 1, 2010 and January 31, 2011; create your PreSonus registration account; and register your copy of Studio One Pro. Then send an email with your name, address, and Studio One license number to, and we'll email your Waves plug-in license. You also can order your Waves Musician 2 Bundle at Please note that you will need an iLok key to use these Waves plug-ins.

This offer is good anywhere on Planet Earth that PreSonus products are sold. So contact your local PreSonus dealer or distributor and get the all-muscle, no-bloat, professional DAW that combines the features you really need with the ease of use you always dreamed of—along with six great Waves plug-ins! 

Remember, this offer ends on January 31, 2011, so don’t delay—until you get your Waves SuperTap delay plug-in, that is!